I can totally relate to this rant about predictive text…

Tobuscus (Toby Turner) is a guilty pleasure. Pretty much every one of his YouTube videos will leave me in tears cause I’m laughing so hard. His series on rants on topics such as passwords, voice mails, and Christmas are spot on. Here’s his latest on the problems with predictive text on your cellphone:

This is less of a problem for me since I got a phone with a slide-out keyboard. That turns off the predictive text and leaves me free to cause my own embarrassing spelling errors and typos. Goodness knows I don’t need any automated help for that.

Socks always going missing? You need some guard kitties!

This is why we have cats in the house:

How about a little magic?

Yann Frisch is a young magician who has a truly amazing ball and cup routine. You’ll swear things are disappearing right in front of your eyes. No hankies covering things up, just some amazingly quick prestidigitation.

Check it:

Epic win compilation of the moment.

A few short clips to remind you that people are amazing:

Of course, it’s also worth noting that many of those clips were one slip away from becoming epic fail clips. As always kids, don’t try this at home.

Doctor Who Season 7 trailer hits the net!

Can’t wait for this to get underway. I mean, just look at this:

Oh my! The Dalek episode alone looks like it’s going to be amazing. Every single Dalek ever created for a past episode through the original series will be present and accounted for. It’s also the last hurrah for the Ponds and word has it they don’t have a happy ending.

I’m not sure I would understand this commercial even if I spoke the language…

I’m not sure I would understand this commercial even if I spoke the language.

But I was still very amused by it. #seb #easily amused #video clips #commercials

And now “The Nutcracker” as sung by disembodied flying heads.

Never say we aren’t a classy joint around here:

Here’s a little holiday timelapse to enjoy.

Here’s a little holiday timelapse to enjoy.

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: Pixar’s “Brave”

Oooo, but that is looking good.

Otter plays with a 4-year-old boy.

I’m a huge otter fan. Have been for decades. Couldn’t tell you why, but videos like this probably have a lot to do with it:

That’d be a good way to get in my exercise.