SEB Mailbag: “The Two Witnesses” edition.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. An email about the coming apocalypse that combines Christian end-times-nonsense with a government/alien (as in UFOs) conspiracy.

To whom it will concern,

A man and a woman are about to witness to, and reveal, some very shocking information that will have a profound and quite disturbing effect upon the populace. The testimony will encompass ‘top secret’ programs and certain ‘black technology’ that the US Government and the US Military do not want you to know about.

More specifically the information involves US involvement with Alien species and alien technology. This joint military and alien alliance is one of pure evil, and more specifically, Satanic. Many heroic whistle blowers have lost their lives trying to bring this shocking information into the public domain.

Listen to this testimony of Phil Shneider who was murdered after he started speaking out in town hall meetings about his involvement with the construction of numerous underground bases to accomadate this very unholy alliance. Phil was an extremely brave man who continued to talk even after suffering many attempts upon his life. In the end he was strangled to death in his apartment.

Listen to this testimony of former US Navy Intelligence officer and patriot William Cooper who was murdered in a staged shootout at his rural home.

There are many former military personal speaking out well, including former astronaut Ed Mitchell and a former senior member of NASA Clark McClelland.

The ‘Two Witnesses’ will indeed shock the world in the coming weeks. These two are indeed, the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 that are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. They will be testifying that they are witnesses to the works of Revelation 12 that have been recorded in great detail at


This email has been sent to you by Mark Brander of Ontario Canada. I am a witness as well to the works of Revelation 12. I have known Linda for several years and have been given many dream/visions about these works that have also included a couple of very profound spiritual encounters.

Cause if you can’t trust a complete stranger who has had several dreams and/or visions about “these works” then who can you trust?

But that’s just the tip of the crazy iceberg. I’ve included the rest after the jump because it’s lengthy and I don’t want that much crazy spread all over SEB’s front page. Be prepared to be awed by the amazing prophecies of a complete nut bag. As always, we post this nonsense as a public service to remind folks of the importance of taking your medication every day.

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