Adam Savage’s love letter to Cosplay.

I’m a huge fan of the show Mybusters and, in particular, Adam Savage and I’m sad that the series has come to an end. Thankfully, Adam is still quite active with his own YouTube channel and other projects that keep him putting out content. Recently he gave a TED Talk that was an open love letter to Cosplay and the people who participate in it:

My days of attending anime conventions are well behind me, but I remember well being impressed by the cosplayers who attended each one and the time and attention to detail in their costumes. There was more than one time I contemplated making my own attempt at a costume, but I never could decide on a character or concept and had neither the space or the skill to have done a proper job of it. To this day, however, I love watching YouTube videos of cosplayers from recent conventions around the world as well as the various galleries that get posted to the geek related blogs I read. To hear Adam speak so highly of the community makes me think perhaps I should have given it a go back in the day.

English is hard, but it used to be a lot worse.

masturbate-a-large-wordMost of us native English speakers don’t think too much about how fucked up a language it is because we’ve been speaking it — more or less — all our lives, but it’s definitely one of the hardest languages to pick up if you’re trying to learn it. It’s full of stupid rules and weird exceptions to the stupid rules and flat out contradictions to the stupid rules.

The good news is, it used to be a lot worse: