Christian kids have been persecuted long enough and they’re fighting back.

christian-americanPity the Christians in this country. It’s really tough for them these days what with all the persecution they go through despite being the dominant religion in the United States. Being called bigots for making bigoted statements. Having people disagree with their belief that abortion is wrong! Not letting them pray in school! Or write about Jesus in their term papers! Being called hypocrites! Christianity is being FROZEN OUT!

Well you’re not going to be able to walk all over them for much longer! No siree! They’ve gotten a bunch of kids together and had them awkwardly read off their list of complaints in a YouTube video in hopes of attracting other teenagers away from video games and being horny in order to TAKE BACK THIS CHRISTIAN NATION!

It’s all a poorly done bit of marketing for Let’s Reach America. An organization with the goal of turning back the clock a good half-century or so to the Good Olde Days™ that Grandpappy and Grandmammy used to know. They’re pushing the classic fallacies that America was founded as a Christian nation (it wasn’t) and that kids can’t pray in school or write about their religious beliefs (they can). They are upset that the “theory” of Creation Science isn’t taught in science class (it shouldn’t be because it’s not a science).

There are other more general complaints listed such as how teenagers these days swear like sailors in school, but they’re not allowed to talk about God and their faith. Of course they can talk about God and their faith if they want to and many kids do. Will they take some shit for it? Probably, but then they’ll take shit for liking the wrong boy band too because kids are generally assholes to each other when in large numbers.

In this blog post they talk about the negative reaction their video The Thaw generated when it was posted back in April:

To all those who say that Christians are not being put down, repressed, or bullied, I have kept a record of the hideous comments that have been leveled against Christ, Reach America, and these brave, Christian children and teens. Several of the kids in The Thaw are as young as 10 years old. The comments on our YouTube page were so abhorrent and offensive that we have to shut down the comments section. We constantly have to monitor our Facebook page for revolting remarks.

In addition to the repulsive comments left on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter there were also many “rebuttal and response” videos created and posted on YouTube. These videos lashed out against the students in our program with extremely graphic language, threats, and more. It’s amazing to see a simple, five-minute video elicit so many hateful, revolting responses. The vicious nature of some of these videos is just further proof that “tolerance” and “intellectual discussion” isn’t the goal of our detractors at all. Instead these videos reinforce their intolerance and their desire to eliminate (with threatened violence at times) anything that is related to God.

Welcome to the Internets.

While I don’t condone anyone using threats of violence against people they don’t agree with, I would suggest that you weren’t interested in “intellectual discussion” to begin with. Your simple, five minute video is a call to arms and uses militaristic language that suggests you plan to take back the country — by force if need be — regardless of whether or not anyone else is happy about it. You go on about how you are an Army with a Commander Christ® leading the way in a War for the Hearts and Souls of Young People® and Failure Is Not An Option. You proclaim that you will win this war. Some folks might interpret that as a threat. If you wanted an “intellectual discussion” then you might try a different approach.

Folks, it is “open season” on Christians. It seems that disgusting remarks made about Jesus Christ, Christians, and our children is now a standard in our community.

Yes, it’s “open season” on Christians. I bagged a couple of Evangelicals just off of my porch the other day with that double barrelled shotgun I don’t own. I could’ve had a couple more, but there’s seasonal limits in place and I don’t want to get into trouble with the DNR.

If some folks saying mean things about you, Christ, and Christianity is the worst persecution you’ll face today then I’ve got some Christians in the Middle East you should meet.

Here’s the thing you folks aren’t getting: Just because you hold a belief to be sacred doesn’t mean everyone else has to respect those beliefs. That whole Freedom of Speech thing that lets you post your call to arms on the Internet allows others to tell you how full of shit they think you are. When you proclaim you’re in a war that you intend to win against the unwashed heathen masses you should probably expect those masses to take it personally and perhaps not respond kindly. Perhaps you should thicken that skin a bit.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t be spreading your message. In fact, as an atheist, I want you to shout it loud and clear so that we non-believers are aware of what you’re up to and can work against it if need be. There’s also the fact that your message is backwards and shrill enough that the more people that hear it the more that are likely to be repulsed by it. Christians account for 73% of the population of the United States and many of them are more moderate than you folks which means some of the people giving you such a hard time are your fellow Christians. Atheists, Agnostics, and the Unaffiliated only make up 19.5% so while I’m sure we had our fair share of folks telling you to fuck off, we were hardly the only ones.

Oh, and you might want to have the kids rehearse the script you wrote for them a few times before putting them in front of the camera. A couple of them weren’t bad, but the ones that were obviously reading off of cue cards were damned amusing.

Update: I’ve been watching some of the video responses The Thaw has gotten to see what got their panties in a twist. Most of them seem pretty mild. Like this one:

Yeah, you really need to thicken that skin a bit more.