The easy part is done…

… we’ve got all the furniture moved, save for a floor lamp, along with the computers and a handful of boxes. There’s still a whole lot of packing to be done and boxes to be moved, but we’re actually here and I’m posting from my living room. Our computers aren’t up and running yet, but I’ve got my work laptop here and the wireless is working so I can at least check email and the blog. We should have the computers up and running in the next day or so, have some of the boxes unpacked, and some of the misc shopping we need to do done.

So far I’m pretty impressed with the IPTV/Broadband service from AT&T we’ve signed up for, but the real test will come once we get a decent HDTV in here (looking for recommendations on deals on 42 inchers btw) and have the desktops all hooked up. I’ll probably write more about U-Verse later when I’ve had a chance to really put it through its paces.

I managed to get myself one hell of a sunburn today which I’m sure is going to be painful as hell tomorrow, but we got some lotion that’s helping and I’m sure I’ll survive. Just hope it doesn’t interfere with sleeping much. I’ve got work in the morning so I’ll pack it in for now. Should be back to regular posting over the next couple of days.