I am in Facebook Jail. Again.

Memes are a dangerous business. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a major shit post on Facebook of memes I’ve come across every few days or so knowing that most of the folks who follow/friend me over there won’t see half of them at first unless they go straight to my profile (which there’s at least a couple folks I’m sure do just that). This way you’ll see “new” stuff from me for a few days to come as I don’t necessarily hangout on FB every day. Plus, I find them to be amusing enough to share.

I have discovered, however, that there is one category of meme that will land you in Facebook Jail — unable to post new content, comment, or even Like other people’s posts and comments — if you dare to post it to your wall. What is this forbidden content? Anything that mocks Nazi Germany. For example, stuff like this:

The knee-highs are a nice touch.

Clearly this is a meme that mocks Hitler, but within five minutes of sharing it to my wall Facebook popped up a notice that my post had been removed because THIS POST GOES AGAINST OUR COMMUNITY STANDARDS! As punishment I wouldn’t be able to share anything for twenty-four whole hours. Apparently, mocking Hitler in shorts is something Facebook just can’t abide. Facebook’s notification at least made it clear that this decision was made by the algorithm they have in place that scans all content uploaded for objectionable content and they gave me the option to Dispute This Decision which would prompt a human to take a look at it and possibly reverse the strike. I clicked Dispute and was helpfully informed that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were short staffed, and it was possible no one would ever get around to looking at my complaint.

Fine, whatever. I let it go and moved on with my life. That was a few weeks ago. Then, yesterday, I shared this meme which I thought was funny:

The one I shared didn’t have the additional text at the bottom.

I suppose I could see how this one might be construed to be supportive of Nazism, but that’s really stretching it. (See what I did there?) Again, within five minutes Facebook popped up their message about removing the post because how dare I mock Nazis and just for that, young man, you won’t be able to post, like, comment, etcetera. Ah, but since I didn’t learn my lesson last time, THIS time it would be for three whole days! At first, I thought it was just another 24-hour ban. I didn’t find out it was for three days until I absentmindedly tried to like something using the app on my phone and that’s when I found out it was for 3 days.

Which brings up a side point of how differently an experience Facebook is between the web interface and the smartphone app. I do most of my meme shit posting using the web interface as it’s a lot easier to do mass postings with. In fact, most of the time I’m on FB it’s through the web application on my desktop/laptop. I use the app only when I’m away from my other machines (bathroom reading, etc.). One of the reasons why is because when I share news items, I can easily include the original entries’ post instead of having to write something up myself and the smartphone app does not have this option. It’s interesting that the smartphone app does a better job of telling you how long you’re in FB jail than the web interface.

Anyway, I’ve again disputed this ruling and maybe someone will look at it this time since it’s a longer ban, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not sure if there’s a limit to how many times you can end up in FB jail before they just outright delete your account, but I may find out sooner or later at the rate I’m going. From what I’ve read, FB jail can last up to 21 days so I would guess that the automated bans just keep getting longer and longer.

It is possible to trigger a post removal without a ban too. As I found out when I shared this after Trump suggested people could be injected with disinfectants to “clean” them of COVID-19:

Now in grape flavor!

Instantly that triggered a popup that said, “This post goes against our Community Standards on misinformation that can cause physical harm.” and the post was removed, but I wasn’t put in FB jail. Which is interesting because you’ve probably seen this same image all over comments on Facebook.

Apparently, it’s OK to use the image in a comment, but if you try to share it as a post on your wall it’s gonna get yanked. Which seems like a double standard to me especially when FB had absolutely no problem with me sharing this:

Meanwhile, memes I thought for sure were going to get me banned for being too sexualized or offensive like this one:

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Foreplay in 2020'

Or this one:

Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says 'Nothing says family fun better than spongebob jerking off on your kids kids in the pool..'


Or even this:


Surely this will do it:

All appear to be in compliance with Facebook’s Community Standards and are still viewable on my wall. I shit post a lot and this is only a small sampling of the memes of questionable good taste I’ve found too funny not to share. None of the stuff I thought would get me in trouble has been an issue and two memes I thought for sure wouldn’t be a problem absolutely were.

The only conclusion I can reasonably draw from this experience is that Facebook really loves Nazis and considers them a protected class. You mock them at your own peril. Naked angels demanding to have their ass eaten is A-OK, but don’t you ridicule a Nazi. I suppose that’s fair given what happened when Adolf was told he was a shitty painter. Don’t want that sort of thing happening again, eh?

Oh, and if you’re thinking of trying to share this entry on Facebook on my behalf then know this is what you’ll see if you do:

I sometimes think I suffer from Anti-Social Media personality disorder.

I am terrible at updating my social media statuses over the weekends. I blame this on not having a smart phone. During the week I’m sitting at a computer most of the time so I can spout off when I think about it without too much effort, but during the weekend there are actually large portions of time when I’m not at my PC. Yes, there are also large portions of time where I am at my PC, but then I’m usually playing a video game and it’s hard to make much use of Twitter/Facebook/Google+ when you’re busy shooting Nazi zombies in the face or taking down the dragon that’s been threatening Stormwind.

It’s also true that my blogging suffers over the weekend and for the same reasons. This is exacerbated when the weekends are longer than usual, such as this one. I make use of my weekends to forget that I have responsibilities such as jobs and schedules and crap-I’ve-got-to-do. Even after nearly 10 years, blogging doesn’t feel like a chore per se (at least not most of the time), but I tend to ignore what’s going on in the world over the weekend which tends to leave one with a dearth of things to blog about. Unless I’m suddenly struck with a thought such as this one.

According to Twitter I have 372 followers and they must be astonished at what a boring life I lead. My last tweet, some 24 hours ago, consisted of the following bit of wisdom:

How could humanity survive without such vital information?

I look back at it now and I wonder just who the hell I thought would give a shit that the wife and I were going to eat at a major chain restaurant? The tweet prior to that was even less informative:

Someone alert Ted Koppel! I don't care if he's retired!

Whoa, stop the friggin’ presses! He’s up early AND he’s going to play a video game? WHO COULD’VE GUESSED THAT?!?!

I think part of the problem is the character limit on Twitter. I tend to be rather verbose and Twitter just doesn’t lend itself to that sort of thing. My updates on Google+ tend to be a bit more interesting because, like Facebook, there’s no apparent limit on update length. It’s a bit more like a mico-blogging service and it makes sharing content pretty easy. However I find it somewhat ironic that my updates on reshared content tend to be concise enough that Twitter would have no problem with the length. I find that I’m using Google+ more and more as time goes on and the fact that I spend a lot of time in Google Reader where I can see when I have a G+ notification is probably why. So if you want to follow me on one of the services and not be bored to tears by my pathetic content then Google+ is probably where you should do it. You don’t even have to have a Google+ account to follow me as most of my updates are public, but if you want to sign up just click here and one of the 150 invitations I have can be yours. I imagine those will go pretty quick so don’t hesitate if you want one.

Truth is that even my updates there are probably less than revelatory, but they’re the most interesting of the major social media services.

A handy guide to Social Media.

There’s a lot of social web applications out there and it can be confusing figuring what each is ideally suited for. Perhaps the following illustration will be of help:

It all makes sense to me now.


Found over at EPICponyz.