Games I’m Looking Forward To: SimCity

Here’s another title I’ve posted about more than once, but every time they reveal a little bit more of how the game plays my enthusiasm for it spikes. In this video they show how you can have multiple cities that work together or have your friends build cities near yours to work together. I wasn’t sure how you’d do multiplayer in this sort of game, but this looks awesome.

Check it:

Another title that won’t be out until next year, dammit!

Games I’m Looking Forward To: “SimCity”

I can remember when the original SimCity came out all the way back in October of 1989. I played the hell out of it on my Amiga computers and loved every minute of it. I also played the inevitable sequels up until SimCity 4 where things got so detailed that not only did you need to lay out power lines, but water and sewage lines among other things. It was the first of the games I found to be overly difficult and as a result I didn’t play it as much as the previous versions. SimCity 4 was released in January of 2003 and — other than an expansion pack (Rush Hour) in 2004 and SimCity DS and SimCity Societies in 2007 — was the last of the official SimCity games.

Well the folks at EA/Maxis have decided it’s time to dig up the long dead corpse of SimCity and reboot it. And it’s looking pretty fucking great. The simulation itself will be as detailed as any that has come before, but it looks like they’ve solved a number of the complexity issues that plagued SimCIty 4 with the clever usage of roads.

Check out the following SimCity strategy video just posted to YouTube to see what I mean:

The folks at Maxis have been putting out a series of YouTube videos that detail just how complex the engine running the new game will be and how much of it is handled through the placement of roads. The new engine is called GlassBox and the depth of the simulation it’s capable of is amazing. You can watch all of the developer previews by clicking here.

The new game isn’t due out until February of next year and I am seriously looking forward to it.