The Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast Episode 5 is now online!

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It only took 11 months to get around to, but the fifth episode of the Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast is finally available for your listening enjoyment. In this installment we tackle a number of suggested topics and a shit load of tangents because that’s the way we do things around here (read: haphazard and poorly planned). Topics include Sarah Palin’s bus tour, the field of Republican presidential candidates and how Michelle Bachman makes all the rest actually look desirable in comparison, some disappointment in Obama, the Buddhist concept that there is no “self”, various TV shows we are watching at the moment, and a little something something on Patriotism in honor of the day we did the recording.

Or, more concisely, it’s an hour and a half of Dave and I rambling about all sorts of shit. As always you can either download the episode by clicking here or you can listen to it in the handy Flash player at the end of this entry. Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions/complaints/rants as you see fit in the comments. We had a blast doing it so we hope that makes it interesting for you as well.



Quick update on the Podcast.

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***Dave and I managed to babble for about an hour and a half yesterday and the tangents were flying fast and furious. However I also spent most of yesterday suffering from vertigo, which is a new experience in itself,  so much of what I wanted to do yesterday didn’t get done. That includes massaging the podcast into shape for uploading to the site.

Today I seem to be doing much better so once I get home from work this evening I’ll see if I can’t get the podcast up for you guys to check out. I think it’s pretty good, but that’s based on how much fun I had doing it. Hopefully you folks will enjoy listening to it.

The (very much delayed) fifth SEB Podcast needs your topic ideas!

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Can you believe that the last SEB Podcast was on August 28 of 2010?! That’s almost 11 months ago!

Personally, I blame ***Dave for being the successful manager guy he is and flying all over the place and taking oodles of vacations and stuff. Yeah, it had nothing to do with my ADD or ongoing addiction to video games and general forgetfulness.

Well, whatever the reason, we’re gearing up for the fifth installment this Saturday so, as always, I’m looking for topics you folks would like to hear us chatter on about for an hour or so. Though, knowing us, it’ll probably be more like two hours or so. What current events would you like us to cover? Any weighty philosophical questions we can totally fail to answer in a coherent fashion for you? Any burning question you’ve been dying to ask one or both of us?

If so, you can either leave a comment on this entry or drop me an email with your inquiries. With any luck we won’t wait another almost year to do the next one!

The fourth SEB Podcast is now available!

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Yes it’s another adventure in ADD discussions as ***Dave and I spend two hours intending to talk about one thing and wandering so far off topic that we needed a GPS to get back on track!I was really excited about this one as I felt like we had plenty to talk about this time out and boy did we. The range covered is wide and wandering as is our wont.

This time out we touch on the topics of Tipping (as in for a service, not cows) , Dr. Laura’s N-word rant and the subsequent squashing of her First Amendment rights, the N-word the C-word and the R-word, Sarah Palin’s defense of Dr. Laura and hypocrisy on the Right in general, the first ever SEB Weather Forecast for Denver and Detroit, Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be A Dick” talk and the on-going discussion in the atheist/skeptic blogosphere on how we should promote skepticism, dickishness in general and how everything we’ve talked about up to that point ties into the whole “don’t be a dick” discussion, how I’m occasionally an asshole, the South Carolina gas pump story, how ***Dave is irrational about his belief in God but that’s OK, and so very much more.

I honestly think that this is the best podcast we’ve done so far as even with as far-ranging as we manage to be we still ended up tying it all together in the end. At times it even sounds like we actually know what we’re doing. I even managed to find a bit of appropriate music for the opening!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as ***Dave and I enjoy recording it. As always you can either play it using the Flash player in this entry or you can download it by clicking here. Please feel free to leave your thoughts/criticisms in the comments.

Edited to add: I thought I should mention that this episode contains more than the usual amount of swearing given the nature of some of what we’re discussing. So you should probably consider it Not Safe For Work unless you work alone or are self-employed.


Almost time for the fourth SEB Podcast!

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If the third time is the charm then the fourth must be absolutely dashing, right? Perhaps not, but that isn’t stopping ***Dave and I from continuing to blather endlessly on topics we have no business commenting on.

Of course that means its now time for a little audience participation! YAY!

Got a topic you want us to touch on however pathetically we are able to do so? Been itching to ask one or both of us a deeply personal/philosophical/intellectual question? Just want to see how easy it is to make us sound like we don’t have a clue what the hell we’re doing?

Then leave a comment on this thread or drop me an email and make use of your First Amendment right before it’s taken away from you by special interests upset that you’re fond of spewing the N-word eleventy-billion times on national radio.

Wait, that was “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger. What the hell, she can ask us questions too if she wants. Perhaps she’d like us to explain how the First Amendment really works. Though I am sure you folks have MUCH more interesting and/or entertaining topics you’d like to pose so don’t be shy!

Episode 3 of the SEB Podcast is now online!

A pic of a microphone.After listening through the whole thing and doing a couple of minor edits here and there, this episode has been uploaded to the server and is ready for listeners. Despite a distinct lack of topics this time out we still managed to talk for a grand total of 2 hours and not-quite 12 minutes. We discuss The Last Airbender, which ***Dave recently saw, and the steadily declining film making abilities of M. Night Shyamalan, we ask Momma how I turned out the way that I did, we discuss some of our earliest memories and whether or not we’re remembering them directly or what we’ve been told about those events, there’s some talk about family and my mother’s religious outlook including why she thinks there isn’t an afterlife.

All in all for not having much to talk about we sure spent a lot of time talking about it. We had a great time and we hope you enjoy listening to the end result. The total file size, surprisingly enough, was still smaller than the first episode coming in at around 50.9MB in size. You can either listen to it right here in this post using the Flash player below or you can download it by clicking here.

As always I welcome your feedback in the comments.


The third SEB Podcast is in the can!

Just a quick note to let you guys know that the third attempt at a podcast is done and will be up on the site as soon as I do a little editing on it. Probably in the next day or so. ***Dave and I were joined by my wonderful mother and we managed to jabber away for 2 hours. This one is very stream-of-conscious in it’s approach as we were short on topics and the inclusion of my mother made for lots of opportunity for tangents. We did briefly discuss The Last Airbender movie, which ***Dave saw recently, and movies and movie critics in general. Then we got to DOF’s question to my mother about how I ended up being the amazingly wonderfully amazing person that I am today.

I have no idea how interesting it’ll be, but we had a great time doing it and I’ll have it up here as soon as I can.

Gearing up for the third SEB Podcast.

Hey folks! Just a quick note to say that ***Dave and I are getting ready to do the third SEB Podcast this coming Monday. This time out we’ll be joined by a Very Special Guest: My mother.

So, as before, we’re looking for topic ideas that you’d like to hear us talk about. Additionally, if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask my mom then now’s the time. Hell, for that matter, if you have anything specific you ever wanted to ask ***Dave or myself then now’s a good time for that as well.

You’ve got a couple of days to leave a reply with your topics and questions so put on your thinking caps and come up with some good ones.

Episode 2 of The SEB Podcast is now online.

A pic of a microphone.Technically it’s actually episode 3 if you count the Great Lost Episode that was brought about by my momentary technical ineptitude. In this episode we spend way more time than we probably should have recapping what we talked about in the Great Lost Episode. Alas, my ADD was in full force tonight and ***Dave was along for the ride so we end up veering all over the place. For example we start to talk a little about the whole South Park Muhammad controversy and somehow we end up talking about playing Dungeons & Dragons and from that we get to talking about the new Tron movie due out this year through one of the most geeky admissions on my part ever. There’s a Catholic hierarchy lesson, some talk about jury duty, Facebook’s devious changes to their privacy policies, people’s general carelessness about what they post on Facebook, and, as always, the hobby of blogging.

I have to admit, this is not as good an episode as the one I lost which makes its loss that much more tragic. Still, we had a good time doing it and I hope it’s at least mildly entertaining for you folks as well. It’s just a little over an hour and a half in length and you can either download it by clicking here or by using the little flash player below.

Let us know what you think, what you liked and what you didn’t, and any suggestions you have for the next episode in the comments.


Second episode of SEB Podcast is in the planning stages.

***Dave and I are getting ready for our second SEB podcast with plans to possibly record it as early as tomorrow evening. So I am once again putting out the call for topics you’d like to hear us pontificate upon (or avoid pontificating upon depending on how far over our heads they happen to be). Any subject is welcome including any you may have suggested the first time around that we never got to.

We had a great time recording the first one even though we didn’t have a clue what we were doing and we promise to continue enjoying our incompetence this time out as well. Hopefully that will make for at least mildly entertaining listening for you guys. So drop me a note or leave a comment on this thread on what you’d like our supposedly expert opinions on.