Pastor busted for recording video of female parishioners using church bathrooms.

Pervert Pastor pissed at being pinched.

55-year-old Robert Lyzenga is a naughty Pastor.  Seems he felt God needed some help keeping on eye on the female members of the Sunrise Christian Reform Church so he took it upon himself to install “air fresheners” on the stall doors of the women’s restroom.

No one thought much of it until one of them fell off while a lady was taking care of business. When she picked it up she noticed that there was some form of camera in the spot where the nicely smelling insert normally goes:

Cops: Pastor Hid Cameras In Church Bathroom | The Smoking Gun.

A review of memory cards removed from the purported air fresheners showed that they contained footage of two adult women and a female juvenile “using the restroom.” A church worker told cops the air fresheners first appeared in the stalls in February, raising the possibility that many other women were videotaped (and the footage was downloaded from the hidden cameras).

Lyzenga was busted after footage from one of the cameras showing someone putting it together in an office area was matched up with things in his own office such as the Superman mouse pad on his desk. The married father of three was fired immediately after his arrest and is awaiting trial.

I’m less surprised that the good Pastor has gone astray than I am with the means he took in doing so. I’ve never understood how someone could find watching anyone use the bathroom to be sexy.

Bad: You and your girlfriend are robbed. Worse: Robbers introduce your girlfriend to your wife.

Ha ha!

Talk about adding insult to injury:

The robbers forced the man into a waiting vehicle, and two of the robbers got into the pickup truck with the woman, Miami police said. The masked men used flex cuffs to bind the man’s and the woman’s wrists and drove them to the man’s house on Northwest 14th Street in Miami, according to investigators.

When they arrived at the house, police said they found the man’s wife, his mother and two children in the home.

Police said the robbers tied up the whole family, beat up the man, roughed up his wife and then took jewelry and money from the home. The men took off with thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry, Miami police said.

Before leaving, the robbers brought the man’s girlfriend into the home and introduced her to his wife, according to investigators. The robbers then left them all together in the house and took off.

via Kidnappers Introduce Victim’s Girlfriend To Wife – Miami News Story – WPLG Miami.

While I don’t condone the violence and robbery done to the man, his mistress, and his family, I do have to admit to feeling a certain amount of Schadenfreude over his unfortunate experience.  It’s hard to feel sorry for the guy’s plight given what an asshole he is though it was also a dick move on the part of the robbers to make things even worse for him. I suppose if you’re going to be enough of an asshole to rob and kidnap people to begin with then exposing their infidelity is probably just icing on the cake for you.

Now that I think about it, I just posted an entry about a man being an asshole to his neighbor over his cancer which I guess is an extreme form of Schadenfreude as well. Am I wrong to call that man an asshole for his glee over his neighbor’s misfortune only to laugh at the man in this news item?