Why Christians are seen as the bad guys: Santa isn’t real edition.

Meet Christian pastor/asshole David Grisham of Last Frontier Evangelism. David isn’t happy with parents telling their kids that Santa Claus is watching over them and judging whether they’ve been good or bad and then rewarding them appropriately because that’s Jesus’ job. That’s why he took it upon himself to head to his local mall where parents and kids were lined up to visit Santa and tell everyone the truth about how he’s not real:

Of course the irony here is that Pastor Asshole is insisting that folks should substitute one myth for another. Regardless, he’s another example of a Christian who isn’t happy that some folks are celebrating Christmas in a manner he doesn’t approve of and he’ll be damned before he lets anyone get away with that.

He’s not all that different from the Christians who demand that people say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings.” Upset that someone, somewhere isn’t acknowledging the Christ is CHRISTmas, they post indignant Facebook memes insisting “Merry Christmas” is the only acceptable greeting as though there aren’t a multitude of religious holidays that take place this time of year and that someone might be something other than Christian.

Christmas is one of the best bits of PR Christians have going for them. It’s been embraced as a national holiday in a number of countries and is seen as a celebration not just of the birth of their imaginary friend, but as a celebration of peace and goodwill towards others. It encourages folks to reconnect with friends and families, to be kind and generous, and to aspire to being better people. Regardless of whether anyone buys into the idea of Jesus, the holiday goes a long way to making people be better than they usually are.

At least up until some Christian gets annoyed because they think the people celebrating aren’t putting enough emphasis on the Christ part and decides to ruin the goodwill by pissing all over how other people choose to celebrate. You guys need to realize this is as much a secular holiday as a religious one and has been for a very long time. More importantly, you should stop to think about how you look like an asshole every time you insist others should conform to how you think the holiday should be observed.

You can say Merry Christmas all you want and most folks you say it to are going to take it as a gesture of goodwill. There’s no need to ruin that by insisting everyone must celebrate the holiday the way you do.

Jesus ruins Christmas in “The Night Jesus met Santa Claus.”

For good old schlock and cheeze you can’t do much better than when some Christians decide it’s time to try and subvert some aspect of pop culture. The following video is a couple of years old (it was uploaded to YouTube in 2006), but its awfulness is not diminished by time. It tells the story of the night that Jesus bumps into Santa Claus in some random person’s house and proceeds to convert the jolly old elf into a Christian who then promises to stop delivering toys to all the good girls and boys and deliver Bibles instead. Yeah, I’m sure that would go over well. I thought Jesus wanted kids to like him, not hate him which your average 8-year-old will do because they aren’t going to be able to comprehend eternal salvation well enough to get over the massive disappointment of not getting the latest hot toy from Santa.

Not only is this poorly illustrated, but the music is done in a country-western style complete with southern drawl on the singer so if you’re allergic to that sort of music you should probably avoid watching this. Hell, if you’re allergic to Christian propaganda you might want to avoid watching this. Me, I had to laugh at how horrible it was. It’s particularly amusing when you consider that it’s one fictional character saving the soul of another fictional character:

Found over at God is for Suckers.