Redbox decides it won’t bow to Warner Bros rental delay demands

We’re pretty heavy Redbox users in my house so this is very welcome news. Of course it could result in another rental price bump, but even if it does it’s still one of the more affordable rental options around. Netflix could learn a lesson or two from these guys. #seb #Movies #Rentals #Redbox

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Red Box To Warner Bros: Shove That 56-Day Rental Delay Up Your Ass!
The sale of physical movies is way down, as a result: some of the movie studios have been acting irrationally — forcing delays on physical rental services like Netflix, Blockbuster and Redbox. Because if customers aren’t buying your movies anymore, they must be punished.
Earlier this month it was announced that Warner Bros would no longer sell their DVDs and Blu-rays to rental services unless they adhere to a 56-day delay. This move forces film fans to pay full retail to see a new DVD/Blu-ray…

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