April Fools prank goes badly for local woman.

FacepalmI generally don’t care for commercial radio, but NPR has been on a Libya kick the past few days and I was, frankly, sick of hearing about it so today was one of those rare days that I voluntarily turned on a commercial station.

Just as I was pulling into a parking spot at work they had a lady call in about an April Fools prank she played on her husband that ended up backfiring on her. It seems her best friend is a lawyer so the two of them hatched a plan to present the lady’s husband with fake divorce papers as a joke for today. So the lawyer friend has the papers delivered to the husband at work and, naturally, he calls his wife to talk about it. The first words out of his mouth are “I’m glad you made the first move because I’ve felt this is a long time in coming.”


The wife doesn’t actually want a divorce and hasn’t told her husband yet that it was just meant as a joke. She and her lawyer friend are freaking out because they don’t know what to do. So, naturally, she turns to a major pop radio station morning crew for advice. I mean, if the local radio DJ can’t solve your marital problems then who can?

Yeah, I think I’ll go back to listening about Libya on the way home.

St. Louis radio station already broadcasting Krismas music.

I’m known for my love of festive Krismas music and I have admitted in the past that when the weather first starts to turn nippy I am overcome by a need to bust out the Krismas albums when I’m by myself in the car. I’m also one of the few people who aren’t all that upset when local radio station WNIC 100.3 starts kicking out the holiday tunes on Thanksgiving Day.

Despite all of that even I can admit that it’s a bit early for a radio station to be broadcasting Krismas music already, but that’s just what WMVN 101.1 in St. Louis is doing:

KSDK—It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, thanks in part to a local radio station.

WMVN 101.1 FM made the switch to Christmas tunes over the weekend. And listeners have had mixed reactions.

NewsChannel 5 asked the station’s programming director about the switch. While he could not talk about why the switch was made now, he said Christmas music has been popular, even this early in the season.

WMVN recently announced plans to change formats. After the holidays, it will program sports related material.

It sounds like a “what the hell why not” way to cut costs in anticipation of the format change by laying off all but a skeleton crew. I can recall more than one format change here in Detroit that resulted in all manner of weird music being played without commercials or DJs for weeks until the change actually happened. And, in all fairness, last year WNIC started broadcasting Krismas music on November 1st, the day after Halloween, and was the first station in the country to do so. They started off only playing it on weekends, but it was only a week or so before they decided to go full-time with it based on feedback they got from listeners. Which is surprising to me because most of the feedback I heard was pretty negative. I suspect they’ll start on November 1st again this year.

But yeah, my personal habits aside, mid-October is definitely too soon. At the very least they should’ve waited until Halloween had passed.

Taking a peek behind the NPR curtain.

I listen to National Public Radio a lot and I often marvel at how articulate everyone seems to be — not just the news reporters and interviewers, but the guests as well — and I’ve long suspected that there was some form of editing taking place to pull this feat off. As it turns out that’s exactly the case, but I didn’t realize just how much editing is done until I heard this segment from On The Media which describes how the editing is done and what some of the pitfalls of it could be. You can listen to the segment using the audio player below:

I think it’s pretty cool that NPR took the time to reveal that there’s some back room magic taking place to make such compelling radio as well as providing a means to embed the segment into your blog. It’s fascinating to get a look behind the scenes and reassuring to note that they are not trying to hide anything in how they do things.