Even with both houses and the presidency the Democrats are still pussies.

You’d think that with a 60 vote Super Majority in the House and control of the Senate along with a Democratic president sitting in the oval office that the Dems might finally grow some testicles and get some shit done. You’d be wrong as Jon Stewart points out in this segment from The Daily Show:

It really is pretty fucking pathetic that not only can’t they get their own bills out of committee, but that the Republicans can. Not only are the Republicans able to drive policy while being in the minority, but they get to whine about how badly the Democrats are supposedly treating them. Yeah, it must totally suck having the majority roll over and give you everything you want while gutting their own initiatives.

Worst of all a fair amount of criticism has to fall on President Obama for not whipping his party into shape. Fuck bipartisanship. The Republicans have already shown that no matter what concessions you make, no matter how much you gut the legislation, they’re not going to vote for it and allow you anything that could remotely be claimed as a victory. It’s simply inexcusable that a robust health care reform with a public option, if not outright switching to a single payer system, hasn’t already been passed and put into effect. The only reasonable explanation is that the Democrats are a bunch of pussies who enjoy being fucked repeatedly by the Republicans.

Update: There’s at least one Democrat out there who has some balls and it’s Rep. Alan Grays. Check it:

We need more like him.

Pussification of House Democrats hits all time high.

Someone explain to me what we accomplished in giving the Democrats control of both halves of Congress back in 2006? Because so far I’m not seeing them do much of jack shit with it. Not only have they not brought the troops home, but the House just passed a bill giving the telephone companies immunity on illegal wiretapping:

WASHINGTON – The House Friday easily approved a compromise bill setting new electronic surveillance rules that effectively shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government’s terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping on phone and computer lines in this country.

The bill, which was passed on a 293-129 vote, does more than just protect the telecoms. The update to the 30-year-old Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is an attempt to balance privacy rights with the government’s responsibility to protect the country against attack, taking into account changes in telecommunications technologies.

Opponents of immunity believe civil lawsuits are the only way the full extent of the wiretapping program will ever be revealed.

Key senators voiced strong opposition to the compromise, although they’re unlikely to have the votes to either defeat or filibuster the bill. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, condemned the immunity deal. He said that nothing in the new bill would prevent the government from once again wiretapping domestic phone and computer lines without court permission.

Specter said the problem is constitutional: The White House may still assert that the president’s Article II powers as commander in chief supersede statutes that would limit him actions.

“Only the courts can decide that issue and this proposal dodges it,” Specter said.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of California disputed that, saying FISA would from now on be the authority for the government to conduct electronic surveillance.

“There is no inherent authority of the president to do whatever he wants. This is a democracy, not a monarchy,” she said.

Someone please explain to me how it’s a Republican that’s criticizing this compromise while a Democratic leader is supporting it. What the fuck is this? Opposites day? Supposedly FISA was the authority before this bill came along and yet the Bush Administration got away with ignoring the FISA court altogether. What’s to stop that from happening again?

Most annoying of all is the fact that Senator Obama voted for this so-called compromise. I am, much like the ACLU, outraged over how the Democrats are bending over and smiling while Bush rams it up their collective asses. With a bunch of spineless pussies like this in power it won’t matter if the Democrats win the White House.

This just in: The Congressional Democrats are still a bunch of pussies.

U.S. Democrats to back down on Iraq war conditions | Reuters

WASHINGTON, June 16 (Reuters) – Democrats in the U.S. Congress, who came to power last year on a call to end the combat in Iraq, will soon give President George W. Bush the last war-funding bill of his presidency without any of the conditions they sought for withdrawing U.S. troops, congressional aides said on Monday.

Lawmakers are arranging to send Bush $165 billion in new money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, enough to last for about a year and well beyond when Bush leaves office on Jan. 20.

“It’ll be the lump sum of money, veterans (funding) and that’s it,” said one House aide familiar with the negotiations on the legislation.

The aide was referring to the funding for the unpopular Iraq war, now in its sixth year, and a measure being attached to expand education benefits for combat veterans.

[…] With this bill, Congress will have written checks for more than $800 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with most of the money going to Iraq.

Yes, I know they’re just waiting until the next President gets in there on the assumption it’ll be Barack and they can finally start bringing troops home, but these assholes have rolled over on just about every demand that Bush has made since they took control in 2006. It’d be nice to see some backbone for a change.

President Bush reveals Telcos spied on Americans.

All it takes is him getting his way and then suddenly the President is capable of being honest with Americans:

[…] Bush was praising the Senate for approving his long-sought update to a foreign surveillance law. Critics say the bill legalizes his warrantless wiretapping program, which was implemented outside the boundaries of the law, and frees phone and internet companies from any responsibility for violating customers’ privacy.

“The senate bill also provides fair and just liability protections for companies that did the right thing and assisted in defending America, after the attacks of Sept. 11,” Bush said.

As recently as his State of the Union address, Bush would only call for legal immunity for companies “believed to have assisted” in his so-called Terrorist Surveillance Program.

[…] On the eve of a vote to give telephone companies immunity for their alleged participation in the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretap program, White House spokesperson Dana Perino admitted that the companies actually spied.

Because they were patriotic.

“The telephone companies that were alleged to have helped their country after 9/11 did so because they are patriotic and they certainly helped us and they helped us save lives,” Perino told reporters at Tuesday’s press briefing.

There you go. Patriotism apparently means you don’t have to obey the law. President Bush ordered the telephone companies to spy on you and most of them complied in spite of the illegal nature of the request. John McCain seems to be hell-bent on being Bush’s third term in office so keep that in mind when it comes time to cast your vote.

There’s still a chance that the immunity provision might be stopped as it was only the Senate that approved it and the House version doesn’t have such a provision, but Bush has promised to veto any legislation that doesn’t include retroactive immunity. Will the House Democrats stand up for us mere citizens or will they cave in like the pussies in the Senate?

The Democrats in Congress are a bunch of pussies.

Remember how back before the 2006 elections all the Conservative pundits were making dire predictions about how the world as we know it would end if Nanci Pelosi became speaker of the house? How they suggested that she would single handedly bring about the ruin of this great country? Remember the sense of relief many of us felt when the Democrats took control of both houses and we thought that, finally, Bush would no longer get whatever the hell he wanted by a rubber stamp Congress?

Remember all that?

Would somebody please explain to me then why it is that it seems like pretty much business as usual on the Hill?

The agreement signaled that congressional Democrats are ready to give in to many of the White House’s demands as they try to finish the session before they break for Christmas—a political victory for the president, who has refused to compromise on the spending measures.

The House last night also approved a new version of legislation that would stave off the spread of the alternative minimum tax, a parallel tax system originally targeted at the very rich, to millions of middle-class families. The House version would not add to the federal budget deficit.

I’m often asked why I won’t just declare myself a Democrat seeing as I tend to side with them more often than not and this is one example why. They keep doing things to show me that they don’t deserve my loyalty. That they are, in fact, a big bunch of spineless pussies who couldn’t make a stand on an issue if their lives depended on it. At this point it’s beginning to look like it doesn’t matter if we had fucking Martians running Capitol Hill as the President is going to be able to do whatever the fuck he wants regardless.