I’ve decided to quit drinking so much pop.

I’ve been a heavy pop (or soda if you prefer) drinker for most of my adult life. It’s not unusual for me to go through between four and six cans of pop in a day and as I’m getting older it occurs to me that that can’t be too good for my health even though I switched to drinking diet pop some six years ago. So I decided to tell Anne that once my current supply of Diet Coke runs out that I didn’t want her buying any more. There’s still a few cans left, but I’ve already started drinking other things during the day. I’m not completely cutting out pop drinking as that’s what I’ll probably drink when we eat out, but I am cutting way back and expect to have several days in a week where I don’t drink any at all.

The problem for me becomes one of what to drink. I’ve said previously that I can’t stand drinking more than a glass or two of plain water and I’m very picky about what container it’s put into because I can pick up on taste from plastics and I’m not a fan of adding lemon to it. I’ve been drinking more milk, but when you have a cold that’s just asking for added congestion. I’m also drinking more coffee and that’ll probably become my primary drink during the winter months at least. Orange juice has been feeling the wrath of my thirst lately as well. I like some flavored waters out there, like the Fruit2O drinks, but damn if they’re not expensive. I’m not much for tea, but I may try a few to see if I can find one that I can tolerate.

So what about you guys? What inexpensive alternatives to pop do you rely on to get you through the day? Any suggestions for dressing up water to make it more tolerable to someone who’s picky about taste?