Retro Flashback to the 70’s! (#Blogathon)

Somehow we got around to discussing the 70’s on the live video feed and I felt compelled to dig out and post the following picture of me, my mother, and sister from some time in the 70’s. Fear the plaid pants:

Click to embiggen, IF YOU DARE!

I’m not sure how old I am in that picture. I’d guess 8 or 9 years. Man I hated those pants.

When I’m rich and famous… (#Blogathon)

… I’m going to build house where all the door handles will be like this one:

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Just to watch people get creeped out about them.

Via Crunch Gear.

Gee, I wonder what this button does? (#Blogathon)

If you’re not sure what a button does sometimes you’re better off just leaving it a mystery:

The Boeing 767-300 was undergoing a heavy maintenance check at the company’s Alliance Airport hangar, when the nose gear suddenly folded up, as it would if the plane was in the air.

[…] At the time, mechanics were running the aircraft through a series of functional tests, according to Tim Wagner, a spokesman for the airline.

Amazingly, no workers were injured when the gear collapsed. During ground tests, mechanics often sit in the cockpit or stand near the belly of the plane.

I’m sure it’s a mistake any under-trained airline technician could make.

Blogger Challenge: Post your workspace! (#Blogathon)

The Blogathon folks have put forth a challenge to us participants to post a picture of our workspace to their Flicker group and then blog about it. So here’s mine:

Blogathon Workspace

As you can see, this is the desk of someone who is very ADHD. Which makes sense because I’m such a person. We could almost have a contest to see if anyone can name every item in that picture, though that probably wouldn’t be fair as some of the items are pretty well buried.

Amazingly enough I have no problems finding whatever I’m looking for.

It’s funny ‘cause it’s true…

john ensign

… and also kind of sad.

*Cue the Imperial March Theme*

Granted this picture is of the previous Pope, but it amused me nonetheless. Click it for a bigger version.

Meet Beanie Jenkins.

Alas my Canon Powershot A40 camera is on the fritz so I had to rely on my RCA Small Wonder EZ205 for the snapshots. Being that for all intents and purposes it’s a pocket webcam the quality isn’t the greatest, but here she is laying on Courtney’s unmade bed:

Click to embiggen!

As you can see she’s already made herself quite at home and has settled into the famous Jenkins Attitude that defines us as a family. She’s already had a brief encounter with Melvin which left him hissing and her completely unphased. It’s clear that Melvin is the only one of the two of them that’s going to have to make a big adjustment. He’s been sulky and pissed off all night. He’s made a point of not venturing upstairs or going anywhere near Courtney’s door. Whatever’s in there is not something he’s interested in discovering. Given that I’ll probably wait until tomorrow evening before setting her loose in the rest of the apartment.

It’s a good thing I’m not the superstitious type…

… otherwise I might get a little nervous at the sight of all the crows in the trees when I leave work every day. Here’s a couple of crappy camera phone pics that don’t really do them justice:

Click to embiggen!

For some reason they always seem to gather outside in the trees about the same time every day. These shots were taken around 5:30PM as I was leaving for class. Some days there are easily close to 100 crows in those trees and they make quite the racket.

As I said before, if I were the superstitious type I might find that troubling, but my personal theory is that the operators here get a break at 6PM and quite a few of them grab complimentary snacks and then head outside for a smoke. Being your typical humans there tends to be a fair amount of junk left lying on the ground by the less considerate people working here—half eaten bags of chips, near-empty cola cans—just the sort of stuff that a bunch of crows might find worth hanging around for.

No wonder Jesus doesn’t do miracles anymore…

… whenever he tries these days everyone complains that it’s not what they had expected:

jesus and zombies

I am not a pretty sight first thing in the morning…

Doing the early morning email check…

Probably doesn’t help I’m running on six and a half hours sleep either.