The late night 900 ads are getting braver. (#Blogathon)

It’s 3AM now so just about every other commercial aired is for a so-called party line. You know the ads. Usually the spokesperson is an attractive and overly sexualized young woman in a skimpy outfit who heavily implies that calling the party line is a good way to get laid. At the very least they try to suggest that calling the party line is the most fun you can have with your clothes still on. They’re all so similar that they blend together after awhile so lately they’ve been trying to find ways to differentiate themselves.

Well I just saw an ad for yet another party line that specifically says it’s not for people looking for romance, but who want to get laid. They’re not quite that blunt, but they do use the phrase “You know, friends with benefits? That’s the most direct statement I’ve heard in one of these ads so far. Call there party line, they say, and you’ll find someone to have sex with who doesn’t want a relationship.

What do you think the ratio of men to women is on that party line?