Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Nice day for a nekkid walk edition.

cat-bible-thumperOne of the more interesting things about God is his tendency to ask people to do very strange things. Sometimes he asks them to haul their kid up the side of a mountain and slit his throat and other times he asks them to take all their clothes off and go for a walk in public:

2 women, 2 children take a naked stroll |

A woman in her 20s was walking with her 40-something-year-old mother and her toddler while carrying her newborn baby in her arms. Everyone was smiling and enjoying the spring weather.

The only thing missing? Their clothes.

[…] “Like freshly-born baby naked,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Capt. Rod Farley said. “This was Adam and Eve stuff, not even a loincloth.”

The sight “blew my mind,” said resident Jill Mead, who was driving on Providence Road at the time.

When police stopped the women, they said “the Lord told them to get naked and walk down the street,” Farley said.

Police transported all four of them to Presbyterian Matthews, where the adults were physically and mentally evaluated.

“It didn’t appear that they had any problems short of that they didn’t have any clothes on,” Farley said.

Given God’s track record of asking people to do strange things I can’t begin to imagine why the police would think these women might need to have their mental state evaluated. Surely in the grand number of things God has demanded his followers to do — many of them involving the wholesale slaughter of people who don’t believe in him — this has to be a fairly innocuous request. It’s almost as if these officers don’t believe God talks to his followers and tell them to do things.

Perhaps you’re wondering what possible reason God would have for such a command, but according to the Bible you’re not supposed to question God. You’re just supposed to do it like a good little sycophant. Mysterious ways and all that nonsense. If God asks you to do it then surely he has Very Good Reasons® for doing so. After all, you can’t prove that God didn’t ask these women to walk around naked with their kids, right? Of course you can’t.

Your kid’s elementary assembly is not the place to do a striptease.

In the right time and place getting up and doing a striptease for an audience can be a very liberating and exhilarating experience. In the middle of an elementary school assembly, however, probably isn’t the best choice.

But that didn’t stop 24-year-old Aydrea Meaders of Albany from giving it her best shot:

Police: Woman undressed in front of elementary school assembly – NEWS10 ABC

“It had been going as a terrific event. The cafeteria was full. We probably had about 200 students in there from throughout the school,” said Ron Lesko of the Albany School District.

The school district says Meaders joined in on the assembly – at first just dancing with the students.

“Wasn’t an expected part of the routine but she wasn’t doing anything inappropriate,” said Lesko.

But that’s when things quickly went in the wrong direction

“Suddenly she stepped to the front of the group threw off her coat and stripped from the waist up,” said Lesko.

Staff rushed the stage to protect the kids from seeing naked boobies which would undoubtedly scar them for life and Ms. Meaders was arrested and charged with seven counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and one count of Public Lewdness.

The article doesn’t say what her motivation was or if she was drunk or high at the time. It could just be that she works up one helluva sweat dancing and finds that dancing topless is the best way to moderate her body temperature. Even so, the potential corrupting influence of naked tits is too much of a risk to allow to go unpunished.