Nurses Launch National “CheneyCare” Campaign.

Boy, ain’t this the truth…

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It’s an ad from the California Nurses Association (CNA)/National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) calling for what they’ve whimsically named the “ChenyCare” Campaign:

“All Americans have the right to the quality of care that our Vice-President, President and Congress already have,” said Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director of CNA/NNOC and a vice-president of the AFL-CIO.  “All the leading Democratic proposals fall well short of “CheneyCare”, keeping insurance companies at the apex of power and allowing them to deny care that can save lives.  The Republican proposals are even worse.”

The ad uses recent headlines about Vice-President Dick Cheney’s latest heart procedure to point out the difference between the government-funded health care that the nation’s leading politicians enjoy and the precarious health care situation in which most Americans find themselves.

A news article about Cheney’s recent treatment for heartbeat irregularities provides the context with the headline: “If he were anyone else, he’d probably be dead by now.” The text highlights that factors such as the patient’s history and prognosis would likely lead to a denial of private insurance claims for most Americans, assuming that they had coverage in the first place.

The ad asks readers to go to and sign a petition in support of CheneyCare for all Americans.  The blog ads cut to the chase, with the tagline: “CheneyCare for all.”

The usefulness of online petitions is arguable, but that didn’t stop me from signing this one. If it’s good enough for “Dick” Cheney then it should be good enough for all of us.