Gingrich's past affairs should only be an issue

… because he presents himself as some sort of moral authority. As far as I'm concerned it's his views on policy and ideology that concern me more than how many wives he's cheated on. However his hypocrisy about it — leading the charge against Bill Clinton's affair while in the middle of his own — is something to be considered.

Which isn't to say that his fidelity isn't a concern to some people, but the people who most claim fidelity is important are the same people who will ignore his transgressions. Pretty much everyone already knows that he cheated on his past wives with the next one in the chain and very few people seem to be all that concerned about it regardless of what their views on fidelity are. I think it'll take more than this to knock Newt out of the race. #seb #Politics #newtgingrich #infidelity

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2nd wife: Gingrich asked me for "open marriage" so he could keep sleeping with mistress, now 3rd wife
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ABC News has the interview with Gingrich's second wife of 18 years, Marianne (he's on his third now). But the Daily Beast does a nice summary of the interview, without having to be submitted to ABC's obnoxious auto-on videos that were very au courant in 1996.
Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife told ABC News that the Republican presidential candidate lacked the proper moral character to be president. In an interview that will Thursday night on Nightline, Marianne Gingrich said…

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