Russian house cat has five ears.

Can you hear me-ow?

Meet Luntya. A typical house cat. Well, aside from the fact that she has five ears. All the better to hear you opening that can of tuna with:

“The cat has two normal ears, two extra ears are turned 180 degrees and there is a tiny fifth ear,” said Vladimir Obryvkov of the Voronezh State University of Agriculture.

The scientist, who has been studying animal anomalies for years, took the cat to X-ray its unusual ears but decided to take her home to his children.

Obryvkov said that the cat named Luntya also has big paws but her behavior does not differ from that of normal cats.

via Biologist from central Russia shelters cat with five ears.

Obryvkov is hoping to breed his new house guest with another 4-eared cat to start a new breed of mutant cats with super hearing.

I can only wonder how long before they start sprouting thumbs.

What do you get when a werewolf bites a parakeet?

You get Whipper:

OK, Whipper wasn’t actually bit by a werewolf. He’s actually a mutant, but without the cool superpowers other mutants have unless you count the ability to melt human hearts with massive amounts of cuteness. Certainly makes for a unique pet.