Real life musical dance number in a Belgian train station.

Imagine you’re getting ready to board a train at a huge central station with lots of people milling around and the station announcer droning on about train schedules and platforms when something amazing happens:

That took place in Antwerpen-Centraal Station, the main railway station in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Apparently it was part of a promotion for a talent competition TV show called Op zoek naar Maria. According to its Wikipedia entry:

The premise of the series was to find a musical theatre performer to play the role of Maria von Trapp in the 2009 Albert Verlinde and Roel Vente revival of The Sound of Music at the Efteling Theatre. The show is hosted by Koen Wauters and featured Frank Van Laecke, Linda Lepomme, and Peter de Smet as the judges for the show.

So it’s basically a promotion for a reality TV series, but it was still amazing and the sort of thing that would be wonderful to witness first hand. It was quite the undertaking as well. Two hundred dancers, 10 hidden cameras, and a month of practice to pull it off. They even have a behind the scenes video of it. Promotional stunt or not, the world could use more silliness like that.