Momma’s on a rant!

If you’ve ever wondered where I get my ability to tear people a new asshole when I’m worked up, well, I get it from my mother. She doesn’t normally do political posts on her blog, but she got worked up enough today to let loose with both barrels:

I am so tired of hearing ‘what is wrong with my opponent and the opposite party’.  I want to hear that the leaders of this country are aware that people are losing their homes, that not every citizen was able to get a degree in a job that is left in this country, That milk cost as much as gasoline, that people are getting sicker and even dying due to lack of descent health care.  I have sat through let us make fuel out of corn and then hearing that converting it is expensive.  Not to mention what do we eat when this is an accepted method for fuel.  How long will crops like beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. be grown when corn is the ‘cash crop’?

When do we stop hearing about the noise the wind generators make and the dangers they may present when we need all the alternative energy sources we can find.  What happened to using flowing water to generate electricity.  Surely every river, stream, or source of water has not dried up in this nation.

We seem to be the target of ‘make them run scared and you can lead them like sheep’.  Well I’m not a sheep!  I want my right to privacy, my right to make a living and pay my bills, to raise my children to respect other people rights and property.  To lead this country you have to have people who will take a chance, change an accepted way, yet still look back on the ideas that built this country. 

That’s my mom and I couldn’t be prouder.