Keith Olbermann slams Obama and Congress over the Senate HCR bill.

There’s not much here I disagree with:

There are some out there that argue that the bill still accomplishes a lot, but I’m very worried about the provision that mandates everyone has to buy health insurance or face a fine unless they can prove they can’t afford it. Combined with the lack of controls over prices this sounds like a wet-dream come true for the health insurance companies.

Kill the provision or kill the bill.

Keith Olbermann’s special comment on the passage of Proposition 8.

I was as disappointed as anyone over the passage of Proposition 8 in California banning gay marriage. For me it’s always been an issue of basic fairness and the feeling of disappointment was even greater than when Michigan passed a similar amendment to our state’s constitution. Michigan has enough backwards people in it that it wasn’t that big of a surprise, but California is supposedly a bastion of progressive liberals. If any state could be supportive of gay marriage, I thought, California would be my first pick. I hadn’t written much about Prop 8 passing because I was having a hard time putting my feelings on it into words.

Thankfully, Keith Olbermann managed to do it for me better than I could:

Found over at DOF’s blog.

Olbermann has a few questions for Sarah Palin.

Once again a worthwhile 11 minutes spent:

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment: “Bush Shut The Hell Up.”

I loves me some Keith Olbermann:

I’m beginning to think I may have to write in Olbermann’s name in the upcoming election for President.

Rep. Monique Davis of Illinois is a bigoted asshat.

Lots of folks have sent me links to news items and blog posts about the antics of Rep. Monique Davis, a Democrat for crying out loud, who opened a can of verbal whoop ass on atheist Rob Sherman. I could rant about what a bigoted asshat she is, but I’ll just let Keith Olbermann do it for me:

I have such a man-crush on Keith.

Olbermann calls on Bush to resign.

I caught this last night and I agree with it. Shame Bush doesn’t have the integrity Nixon did. Wow, what a weird thing to type…