I am now perpard to say that FOX News isn’t ALL bad.

There’s at least one anchor on the FOX News Channel that I can respect and that’s Shep Smith. In addition to challenging Joe the Plumber on the whole “a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel” nonsense, he went on Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly’s show and explained to him the job of a real journalist as opposed to Sean Hannity or even Billo himself:

I thought the playful jab at O’Reilly at the end was pretty funny and probably truer in intent than Billo realizes. At any rate I’m heartened to see that at least one person reporting the news on FOX is not afraid to be an actual journalist.

Found over on Think Progress.

FOX News, amazingly, illustrates how uninformed “Joe the Plumber” really is.

As a rule I tend to avoid FOX News on cable because it gets my blood pressure up every time I watch it. Which is ironic because I prefer the morning newscast of the local FOX affiliate. The fact that the local station used to be a CBS affiliate prior to being bought out by FOX probably has a lot to do with that. Still the cable news channel drives me nuts with it’s clear conservative bias.

Which is why the following video clip of FOX News anchor Shep Smith challenging “Joe the Plumber” to explain why he agreed with the statement that “a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel” is so damned amazing. Check it:

“Joe” became the darling of the McCain campaign during the last debate and immediately afterward, but has been slowly losing his luster the more he talks to reporters and reveals what an uninformed idiot he really is. Even so I’m still stunned to see a FOX anchor challenge him to back up his opinion with any kind of reasoning and the last five seconds of the clip alone will make you wonder if Smith has been replaced by a liberal-leaning pod person. For his part “Joe” tries desperately to get out of having to provide any kind of reasoning for his opinion by saying that folks shouldn’t listen to his opinion and should go out and find out reasons on their own. All his dancing doesn’t hide the fact that he’s clueless even from the likes of FOX News.

Now CNN is calling the McCain campaign on all the lying.

It seems the McCain campaign may have pushed their luck a bit far with all the lies they’ve been spreading. The folks at CNN finally woke up and did a five minute segment debunking them:

Perhaps this will all come back to bite them in the ass before too long.

Found over at Crooks and Liars.