SEB Musical Interlude: Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”

If you’ve not heard this before — I’m pretty sure I post this when I remember it — you may want to wear headphones or wait till you get home. It’s a tad NSFW:

“Nobody Loves You Like Me” by Jonathan Coulton.

A little musical interlude for a November Friday night:

ArsTechnica interviews geek rockstar Jonathan Coulton.

We’re all hopelessly addicted to the songs of Jonathan Coulton here in the Jenkins household. A CD full of his songs has been in the car’s CD player for months and all the other music CDs are starting to get jealous. Some of you out there are undoubtedly asking yourselves, “Jonathan who?” because outside of geeks not a lot of folks have heard about him. Perhaps you’re curious and, if so, then this ArsTechnica interview is just what you need:

It’s an odd kind of fame, built from the ground up, and strangely contextual. At some locations, Coulton is treated nearly like a god, but in most places he’s roundly ignored—just another guy with a beard. “It’s actually… I’ve always felt like I don’t want to be a super-famous person… that doesn’t sound so nice to me,” Coulton told me. He described an angry moment at a car rental place. “Thank God I’m not famous enough to worry about someone seeing me all pissed off… I’m glad it’s a niche thing. I get to come to a place like this and feel like a rock star, but most of my life is still normal. As great as it is to feel like a rock star, it’s not something I’d like to feel like all the time.”

It’s a good read so go check it out.