Presidential “Shocker”

Do you think the President and all the other people in the following photo have a clue what that hand gesture they’re making actually means?

Click to embiggen!

That’s off of the official White House homepage. For those of you who don’t know yourselves, that’s known as the Shocker and it has sexual connotations. It’s often accompanied by the phrase “two in the pink, one in the stink” which should give you a pretty good idea of exactly what sexual connotation it holds. If you still don’t get it then go read the Wikipedia entry for it.

Maybe they think it’s supposed to be a W or maybe they just thought it was funny to do a “gangsta” sign. I don’t think they realize what it actually symbolizes. Or maybe they do and that’s part of why they’re doing it. It’s the sort of naughty thing I’d probably do if I were a lame duck president counting down the hours till I get booted out of office.

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