About that anti-illegal immigration fence along the Mexican border…

You know the one I’m talking about. The one the Republicans are always crying about not being finished. The one that prompted John McCain to put out a campaign ad where he promised that he’d “complete the danged fence.” It even shows up in the background in his commercial. The one that costs about $4 million dollars per mile to build and that’ll cost us some $6.5 billion to maintain over the next 20 years.

Yeah, that one.

Ever wondered how effective it is in keeping illegal aliens out? Here’s two average height American girls putting it to the test:

Hoo boy! I sure sleep better at night knowing it takes illegals an extra 20 seconds or so to get into the country. What an efficient use of taxpayer money that is, eh? The Republican’s have got to be mighty proud at how such a simple solution utterly fails to do what they said it would and at such an exorbitant price!

Wait, did I say that last bit out loud?

A simple question of math.

This pretty much speaks for itself…

Found over at The People’s Republic of Seabrook.