The SEB Podcast Episode 7 is now available for your listening pleasure.

A pic of a microphone.

Blah blah blah…

So you may recall that last Sunday Dave, George, and I sat down to do a podcast. Which we did, about an hour later than I had intended seeing as I allowed myself to become engrossed in shooting bad guys and ended up being almost an hour late to my own podcast. Still, we got through it and had a good time and talked about Google Reader and how sad we all are at the removal of its testicles social features, we talked about Herman Cain and his current popularity with the Republican party with a little Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter thrown in for good measure, a little about Occupy Wall Street, there was some video game banter on how they may become the new medium for story telling, some love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, some kudos to Apple for being one of the few corporations that actually pay taxes in the U.S., and a whole lot of other stuff to boot. Plus the return of opening music that we hope we won’t get sued over.

This was a tougher than usual podcast in part because my brain just wasn’t working right at the time. Still, through the magic of two hours of audio editing I was able to clean up a lot of the long and awkward pauses and make us all sound coherent in thought and speech. Which was particularly important for me considering how much trouble I was having just putting sentences together.

As always you can either download the full episode by clicking here or you can listen to it using the audio player at the bottom of this entry. It’ll take up just a wee bit over an hour to listen to (a wee bit being 3 minutes). We had a good time doing it and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Feel free to leave your comments/criticisms/accolades in the comments below.


My Google Reader stats.

Saw this over at ***Dave Does the Blog and figured it would make for an interesting comparison. According to Google Reader’s trends page I waste a lot of time on Google Reader:

From your 399 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 23,287 items, clicked 321 items, starred 32 items, shared 2,053 items, and emailed 0 items.

I have 44 more subscriptions than what Dave has, I’ve read 18,901 more items than he has, starred 24 items less than he has, shared 1,271 more items than he has, and emailed 2 items less than he has. Isn’t that fascinating?

And I wonder where all the time goes.

I’ve changed the SEB Blogroll.

You may notice the blogroll in the sidebar is different. I just discovered that Google Reader allows you to take your RSS feeds and make them into a blogroll you can add to your site and, seeing as my RSS selections are the best representation of what I’m actually reading these days, I thought I’d take advantage of that. Hopefully it’s not breaking the page layout too badly, but I won’t know for sure until I get home as I can’t see the front page of SEB from work.

This means a lot of blogs that I had in my old blogroll are now absent from the list. This isn’t necessarily because I stopped reading said blogs, but more likely because they either don’t offer an RSS feed or the one they do offer doesn’t have full entries in the feed. Seeing as I keep track of most of the blogs I read via their RSS feeds anyone who doesn’t have one is one I likely visit only occasionally. If you were on the old blogroll and not on the new one and you do have a RSS feed then please let me know about it and I’ll add it in.

My main reason for doing this is so I don’t have to manually update my blogroll every time I start reading a new blog. As soon as I add its RSS feed to Google Reader it’ll show up here on the site. Right now it’s a hodgepodge of everything I tend to read, but I’ll be breaking things down into further categories as time goes on and then add those to the sidebar as well. Just an FYI.

Google Reader “shared” items link.

I use Google Reader for my RSS reader and one of the features it’s had for awhile that I hadn’t used much was the ability to share feed elements with other folks by clicking the little “shared” button at the bottom of each entry. I hadn’t really been using it because I tend to blog about most of the stuff I find really interesting and I wasn’t sure I saw the utility of it. Then the Google Reader folks made a change where anyone who was in your Google contact list who also happened to use Google Reader would automatically be able to see any items you have marked as shared.

I have ***Dave in my contact list (because of Google Talk) along with Neil Turner and Webs and suddenly I was seeing their shared items and that’s all it took for me to suddenly see the utility of this feature. As it turns out not everyone is happy with Google’s decision to suddenly allow anyone in your contact list see your shared items. Some folks had been using it as a private mini-blog of sorts and it caused all sorts of problems when, for example, one fellow’s conservative brother found out his sibling was quite the liberal thanks to being able to see what he was sharing.

Still it’s not a bad idea and so I’ve started using it seeing as I wouldn’t put anything in the shared list that I wouldn’t blog about anyway. If you’re using Google Reader then you can access to my shared list simply by adding me to your Google Talk or Gmail contact list—which are, technically, one and the same thing—my Gmail address is . If you’re not a Google Reader user you can still see my shared items either by visiting this page occasionally or adding this RSS feed to whatever you use as an RSS aggregator.

Just thought I’d let you guys know in case your interested. I don’t have a lot of stuff in there, but there’s a few things and I’m adding new stuff all the time. Mostly it’s tech related stuff from the various blogs I read such as the Lifehacker entry on how to automatically remove ads from recorded TV with Lifextender which is a download for Windows Media Center. Now that I look at it quite a few of the items are from Lifehacker, but still the point is whenever I come across something I think is nifty but not enough for me to blog about it I’ll probably add it to the shared list. Oh, and feel free to add me to your Google Talk if you feel so inclined.