GamerDNA social site for gamers sets up shop.

Saw over on BD’s site a link to a new social networking site aimed squarely at video game players called GamerDNA so I thought I’d check it out. Setting up a profile allows you to list off all the games you’ve played/are playing as well as providing you with quizzes to determine what sort of MMORPG/FPS/RTS/etc. gamer you are. I had a few quibbles with some of the questions because more than one answer seemed appropriate (I consider myself a console and PC gamer for example), but otherwise they seem to paint a fairly decent picture of how you game. Here’s the results from the four quizzes I’ve taken so far:

In all honesty I don’t know how many gamer friends I’ll meet through the website, but it’s still be at least as much fun to play with as Facebook has been. You can see my member profile here. If you’re a gamer and into social networking then this could be a pretty cool place to set up shop.