And while we’re on the subject of Gov. Sarah Palin…

… I want to ask why the issue of her unmarried 17-year-old-daughter being pregnant is something that shouldn’t be discussed? When the announcement was made Sen. Obama himself said:

“I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits.”

Doesn’t the GOP bill itself as the “party of values”? Isn’t Gov. Palin herself a staunch abstinence-only sex education endorser? Doesn’t the pregnancy of a minor child of one of the candidates represent a major failing of family values and abstinence-only education? Isn’t it a valid question to ask: If she cannot instill her much-hyped family values into her own child then why should we listen to anything she has to say on the subject?

It’s not that I give a damn that her daughter, Bristol, is pregnant at 17 as it is the simple fact that had this been a Democratic candidate the Republicans would be jumping all over it like a group of castaways fighting over the last drops of water on a desert island. It wouldn’t have been more than a few hours after the announcement before someone in the GOP would have a commercial airing in the swing states pointing at the “scandal” and using it as an illustration of how liberal values will be the downfall of America. Overall the reaction from the Religious Right has been the usual “we’re not perfect, just forgiven” bullshit they trot out whenever you point out that someone over there is being a hypocrite.

But us liberals; we’re the first to step up and try to play fair when shit like this happens and the conservatives are always so grateful when we do that. Doesn’t stop them from exploiting the hell out of any mistakes we make as an indication of how our values are corrupt, but they sure do appreciate it when we don’t do the same in reverse.