Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Nantucket exorcism edition.

Yet another child falls victim to a delusional parent:

NANTUCKET (FOX 25 / – Police say a Nantucket woman accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter told a priest and hospital officials that God told her to push a rose down the girl’s throat to ward off the devil.

Documents filed in Nantucket District Court said 26-year-old Dora Alicia Tejada Pleitez said she realized that the “rose” was her fist and the devil bit her through the child.

via Nantucket child killed in exorcism by mom according to court docs.

I can’t begin to imagine the horror of having your mother try to shove her first down your throat because she thinks you have demons in you. What a way to go.

Authorities, needless to say, are planning on a competency hearing for the mother.

Clergy try to exorcise demons from Chase Bank.

A group of clergy gathered together on the steps of JP Morgan Chase on Park Ave in New York City to perform an exorcism on the bank. They said that the bank was possessed by the demons of “selfishness and avarice” because according to the group’s new study, only 6% of New York homeowners seeking a loan mod have gotten it in the past year. The exorcism happens at 0:57. No satanic spirits fly out of the banks, but money does fly out when the clergy closes down their bank accounts.

via Clergy Perform Exorcism On Chase Bank – The Consumerist.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll do the trick. Thanks for the effort, but the problem with Chase Bank isn’t a demonic one so much as it’s a human one. It doesn’t take demons for people to be greedy and selfish.

You want to get their attention? Hit them were it hurts them the most: Their wallet. Yank your money out and encourage others to do the same. If you can convince enough others to follow your example then you just might bring about some change to how it does business. Keeping the pressure on in the press wouldn’t hurt as well.

Parents kill 1-year-old daughter with a hammer to rid her of demons.

There are some projects you shouldn’t try to do yourself. Say things like exorcising demons from your child:

They were arrested Tuesday after Rusk County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a 911 call found 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson beaten. Investigators think the couple used a hammer to “beat the demons out” of Amora, Carson’s daughter.

Lt. Reynold Humber said that the couple told detectives various stories on how the child was injured, including that the toddler was in an auto accident and attacked by the family’s dogs. They even said that the child beat herself in the head with a hammer.

“They had multiple stories they went through before they told us they had beaten the child to death,” he told The Tyler Morning Telegraph for its Wednesday editions.

Humber said the couple eventually told deputies the child was possessed and they were trying to rid her of demons.

An arrest affidavit says that after the child was dead, the couple “drove to Henderson to pawn some items to pay for an exorcism.”

It shows the extent of their delusions that they thought that hiring someone to do a “proper” exorcism might in some way help after the child was already dead.