Taking a peek behind the NPR curtain.

I listen to National Public Radio a lot and I often marvel at how articulate everyone seems to be — not just the news reporters and interviewers, but the guests as well — and I’ve long suspected that there was some form of editing taking place to pull this feat off. As it turns out that’s exactly the case, but I didn’t realize just how much editing is done until I heard this segment from On The Media which describes how the editing is done and what some of the pitfalls of it could be. You can listen to the segment using the audio player below:

I think it’s pretty cool that NPR took the time to reveal that there’s some back room magic taking place to make such compelling radio as well as providing a means to embed the segment into your blog. It’s fascinating to get a look behind the scenes and reassuring to note that they are not trying to hide anything in how they do things.