Socks always going missing? You need some guard kitties!

This is why we have cats in the house:

“Gangnam Style” has the same effect on me too…

Too cute not to share.

The solution to global warming is simple.


Well, that’s one problem solved. What’s next?

Why won’t the government move the deer crossings to a lower-traffic area?

That’s the question Donna has for the DJs at Y94 Playhouse in Fargo, ND:

That was back on October 8th. That phone call has since gone viral so they brought Donna back on with a followup interview on October 17th:

She appears to be taking her new found notoriety all in stride considering the amount of ribbing she’s taking for it. She admits to feeling stupid after someone explained to her that the deer crossing signs are to alert us to the possibility of encountering deer there and not to direct the deer to cross at that location. She goes on to say, in her defense, that she truly didn’t have a clue and she “never really thought about it enough” to realize how silly her question was.

That seems to be a common problem these days. It’s not that she’s stupid, she just didn’t take the time to think about it before she tried to take action to correct what she saw as a serious problem. She had been in three deer related accidents immediately after seeing a deer crossing sign so the obvious solution would be to move the signs, right? Who really needs to think about it that hard? It seems to me — and I don’t really have anything objective to back this up with — that more and more people do this these days. Something bad happens and their immediate reaction is to try and get a solution to it put into place without really thinking about what the problem really is and what the solution would really need to be (or what their proposed solution would really do).

Fortunately in this case it just gave Donna some embarrassment and her 15 minutes of fame, but when our legislators do it we end up with bad laws with lots of unintended consequences like the TSA or the DMCA or the Patriot Act.

The AFA is selling a sexually suggestive holiday sign.

It’s probably just a symptom of my terminally dirty mind, but this new offering from the American Family Association…

… leaves me with a very disturbing mental picture that I certainly didn’t need to contemplate. I just hope the poor guy is using plenty of lubrication because that’s an awful lot of rubbing to do in such a sensitive place when you consider the number of people he’s supposedly doing this for.

Not to be a jerk-off, but a Christmas card would’ve been just fine. There’s no need to personally take this in hand, so to speak.

Incidentally, a sign of your own will set you back $15. It’s the first time I’ve ever entertained giving the AFA money for anything, but knowing what it’ll go towards I figure it’s money well worth not spending.

Epic win compilation of the moment.

A few short clips to remind you that people are amazing:

Of course, it’s also worth noting that many of those clips were one slip away from becoming epic fail clips. As always kids, don’t try this at home.

Now this is my kind of greeting card: Calligraphuck.

I don’t have a lot of vices, but swearing is one of them. I have developed over the years a fine appreciation for an elegant cuss word sprinkled throughout a conversation. I also can appreciate a well written note, especially when done in calligraphy which is the only form of cursive language I feel is worth learning, but have never taken the time to learn myself. How awesome would it be, though, to learn calligraphy and use it in the fine art of swearing?

With any luck we may soon find out thanks to Linus Boman and his Kickstarter project Calligraphuck:

How fucking cool is that? I’m definitely kicking in a donation on this one. The goal is to raise $5,000 for the first print run and it’s currently sitting at $2,200 with 12 days left to go. Surely we can get him to $5,000 before the deadline, yes? How could we not? Look at how awesome those cards are!

Adventures in charity fund raising in the IT department.

Here at “The Automotive Supplier™” where I work there are several charity events put on by various departments throughout the year. The next one takes place on February 29th and is being set up and run by the IT department in my building (a whole whopping three people including myself). My pseudo-boss — in that he’s technically not my boss but he keeps an eye on me — is a golfer and he’s leading the charge on the event so he went with what he knows. Thus we are doing a mini-golf event with “holes” laid out throughout the cubicals and hallways of the building to raise funds for the Michigan Humane Society.

Of course we can’t dig actual holes into the floor for this event so we had to come up with some clever way of providing a target that would determine a successful putt. Being IT we of course had to come up with the most overtly geeky targets we could manage. Thus I give to you The Mouse Holes:

The paw flags read: Help us help them.

Yes, 18 crappy old mice have sacrificed their tails in order to provide a suitable way to determine a successful putt. They’ll be sitting on a sheet of paper with a circle on it so that if the ball hits the “hole” hard enough to knock it out of the circle it’ll be considered to have “popped” out of the hole putting a bit of finesse back into the game.

Now I’m a pretty big geek, but it would never have occurred to me to turn old mice into “holes” for a mini-golf game. Looking at the end result I feel a little more normal than usual. That’s some damned geeky shit.

I’m not sure I would understand this commercial even if I spoke the language…

I’m not sure I would understand this commercial even if I spoke the language.

But I was still very amused by it. #seb #easily amused #video clips #commercials

Drug store puts up sign asking folks not to try on condoms before buying them.

A thread over on Reddit shows a sign that one drug store felt was necessary to curtail some inappropriate shopping habits:

Seriously, who the fuck does this?

In the comments at least one person suggested that the reality is probably that someone got caught trying to steal condoms by opening a package and stuffing the contents in their pockets who then lied and said they wanted to try one on. I really hope that’s the case, because the thought that there are people out there shameless enough to try a condom on in the middle of a store before buying it is more than I can wrap my head around, if you’ll pardon the pun.

I’ve been around long enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone were actually doing a test fitting before purchase, but I don’t understand the thought process that allows one to think this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Then again, I don’t understand the thought process behind the act of taking a picture of your junk and sending it across the Internet to strangers you barely know which seems to be all the rage among young people and certain Congresscritters either. Admittedly I don’t have a body most folks would want to see naked in the first place, but once that pic is out there it’s out there forever where it can come back to bite you in the ass someday.

via I was about to try one on until I saw this attention sign… : WTF.