One of the cooler things about “Call of Duty: Black Ops”

I’ve been playing the hell out of my review copy of Black Ops and I’ll have a proper review soon, but I wanted to take a moment to mention one of the cooler features it has: Theater Mode. As you play multiplayer games all of the data from the match is recorded by the game allowing you to play it back later. The idea is so you can see how the game plays out from multiple viewpoints and examine your strategy versus the other players. You can watch the whole match from your or any of the other player’s viewpoints or you can take control of the camera and move it around for a bird’s-eye view of the action.

Of course with the ridiculously sophisticated physics models in many modern games these days combined with the — quite literally — millions of matches being played out over the course of any given week, there are plenty of opportunities for Lady Luck to make her presence known. Using BO’s theater mode you can preserve and share these moments with the wold.

For example, here’s one of the more stunningly lucky tomahawk kills I’ve seen so far:

Sometimes you just get lucky. If that had been real life you can bet someone would be giving the credit to God.