A request for donations to help my brother’s family.

My older brother, Wes Jenkins, lost his wife of 26 years, Debra, on Monday to pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, my brother has been chronically underemployed for quite some time now. This last month she required round the clock hospice care that has racked up some serious bills for him and his family.

I don’t often ask for donations and I’m not entirely sure my brother would appreciate me doing so, but I’m putting this out there anyway because you guys have in the past been so very supportive of me when I hit a rough patch, and my rough patch doesn’t compare to what my brother is going through right now. If any of you can spare a few bucks there is a GoFundMe page that’s been set up to accept donations on the family’s behalf.

I am truly thankful for the past support you folks have shown me and I would like to preemptively thank you for any help you can lend my brother now. Thank you.


The SEB Late Summer Fund Raising Drive is in swing!

As much as I hate to do this I’m once again standing here with my hat out hoping some of you folks have a couple of bucks you can toss in. I am currently employed doing PC refreshes for a chain of banks, but it only pays $13 an hour and will only last through the month of September. Plus the folks who decided on which areas we’d be working in seem to think that Lansing and Royal Oak are local to Ann Arbor. That means that this week I’ve been making 150 mile round trips to Lansing to do my job and even in a Honda Civic that’s about 2 and a half trips on a single $27 tank of gas. Last week I only managed to get 16 hours as I had to take two days off to fight a cold so the paycheck was only about $183 after taxes.

Now this week I’ve managed to get in a full 40 hours and I should be getting a decent amount back on mileage, but I’m also looking at a deficit of close to $400 in bills with next month’s rent due in 11 days. We’ve been juggling bills pretty well lately, but the month of August is always rough. I still need to renew the tags on both my cars as my birthday is next Wednesday and I’m going to be using the $70 in birthday money I got from family so far to help pay for that. Looking ahead to this week’s work schedule it’s not clear that I’ll manage another solid 40 hours. At the moment I’ve got around $126 in the checking account that has to last me until next Friday and I still need to buy more gas for the trips to Lansing this week.

So here I am again asking you guys for your generosity. Times are rough for everyone so if you can’t afford to part with any money I completely understand and I don’t want anyone feeling obligated to donate. But if you’ve got a spare buck or two and feel like I’ve given you some mildly amusing and/or informative reading material then I’d be very grateful if you could lend a hand. Some of you have already donated more than once and I can’t begin to tell you how eternally grateful I am for your assistance. I’m very sorry that I have to ask again.

The SEB Spring Fundraiser has begun.

I am currently between jobs as my contract with Big Dot.Com came to an end on April 23rd. I had been led to believe that I had a new job lined up to start the following Monday. As it turns out there have been a number of delays in my start date and the last message I got from my potential employer yesterday is that they have decided to hold off on hiring me for the time being with no word on when, or even if, they will eventually require my services. I didn’t apply for unemployment benefits until the middle of last week because I had expected to be working. The first check isn’t due for another week at least and it’ll only be about half of what I was earning at the previous job. The bills are quickly piling up and I’m running out of options.

All of that combined is forcing me into some difficult decisions including potentially breaking the lease on our apartment here in Ann Arbor. It has also moved me to come to you with my hat out once more asking if you can spare a buck or two. Long time readers know that I don’t like to ask for donations and I’m not really comfortable doing it again. The donation links will only be up until I can get back on my feet again. I realize the economy is tough right now and that makes donating that much more difficult so please don’t feel obligated to participate, but if you’ve got a few bucks you can spare and feel like helping a struggling blogger out then I and my family would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

In the meantime, I will try to be more active in posting as I’ve been slow as of late in part because I’ve been recovering from my knee surgery and actively trying to find a new job. Oh, and if you’re in the South Eastern Michigan area and are looking for a good Desktop Support Technician please drop me a line and I’ll send you my resume.

I’ve removed the SEB donation links.

While I’m not back to where I’d like to be in terms of income I’ve still managed to keep myself employed so I’ve taken down the donation links. No one’s donated in quite awhile anyway so all they were doing at this point was taking up space.

All of you who did donate in the past, particularly during my two bouts of unemployment, have my unending gratitude. You helped me and my family to stay afloat during some very dark times, not to mention keeping SEB up and running. Thanks again for your support.