Movies I’m Looking Forward To: “Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”

Morgan Spurlock made a name for himself with the documentary Super Size Me which I found both entertaining and informative. Now he’s back with a new film about product placement in movies which he financed entirely with product placements. Check it:

Yeah, that looks like it’ll be fun.

Trailer for the documentary “Oh My God.”

Here’s a documentary that looks like it might be interesting. Filmmaker Peter Rodger spent two and a half years traveling to 23 countries asking people from all walks of life – celebrities to the common man and believers to atheists – a simple question: What is God?

There’s a longer four minute trailer at IMDB. I don’t know if I’ll pay money to watch it in a theater, but it’s a definite rental.

Bill Maher on “The Daily Show.”

Bill Maher was on The Daily Show to promote his new movie Religulous:

Good stuff. I want to see the movie once it hits theaters, but may have to wait for it to hit DVD.

Reminder: Discovery Channel’s “Rise of the Video Game” starts tonight.

Just a quick note to say that the Rise of the Video Game documentary on the Discovery Channel premiered tonight at 8PM. If, like me, you’ve already missed it don’t fret as it’ll be on again at 11PM and then several more times throughout the week. You can check the repeat schedule here.

Part 2 will air next Wednesday at 8PM.