“Putting faith in its place” by QualiaSoup.

An excellent short film that explains the problems inherent in arguing for the existence of any particular God(s) and why faith has no place demanding agreement or punishing disagreement. :

This is the sort of thing we should probably point to the next time a True Believer™ argues that the evidence for God is all around us.

SEB Mailbag: Easily impressed idiots.

Time for another attempt at debate from the True Believers™. Got this in my inbox this morning:

From: Kevin Roelofse
Subject: wow

U sound so brave and sure of yourself…your 40years of age…wow…christians cannot prove God’s existence…those to claim that are unwise..but evolutionary’s can’t Prove evolution…evolutionary’s say in the beginning there was a big bang..well where the the matter come frm to cause the big bang..no proof to substantiate their claims..where is God,prove He exists no can do…but one way or another each of them including ur professed confession of atheist is something you believe by faith…so in our search for meaing and existence don’t jump to assumptions and make decisions based upon silly info…me of 25 years old can figure that out i figured you cud aswell..

As you can imagine I was immediately swayed by the powerful and well thought-out arguments Kevin made in his email and I’ve since converted to a True Believer myself. Now I just have to pick which God belief to put my faith in. Oh hell, I’ll cover my ass completely and adopt them all. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Peanut Gallery for “A Reply To Consi” on national health coverage

Over on the thread, A Reply To Consi on national health care,  Les is responding to the following quote:

If you don’t have the talent or the willingness to move to where there is a job that provides health care, well then, that is a bed of one’s own making.

Consi is answering but…

In posting this up, the subject line seems to suggest a desire for a conversation between us.  I’m more than willing to engage in that conversation, but that is often times difficult to do here.  The reason being that there are multiple posts of varying value between the replies.  If you do want a conversation to take place, I’m asking you to so state.  If you so state, I’d like to ask your other members to show the courtesy and restraint necessary to allow the conversation to take place by not flooding the thread.

OK, fine.  We’ve been here before:  Consi wants silence in the theater while he dazzles the audience with his intellectual legerdemain.  (in the previous case, there was some justification as the subject was very technical)  So THIS thread is a peanut gallery where the rest of us can carry on with our simian chattering “of varying value” on the subject.