Need topics for the missing 8th SEB Podcast!

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Seeing as it’s been several weeks since the original call for topics for the 8th SEB Podcast it’d probably be a good idea to solicit new ones for it now that ***Dave and I have managed to settle on doing it this Sunday.

So I am once again turning to you, dear readers, for your suggestions/questions/topics that you’d like to hear two middle-aged white guys pontificate about at length. We’ll chatter on about nearly anything regardless of how qualified or (more likely) not we are to say anything cogent about it.

Opinions are like assholes and we have a lot of them… wait… that doesn’t sound quite right.

Anyway, you can either leave your suggestions in the comments on this thread or email them to me by clicking here. We’ll be recording the podcast this Sunday! For reals this time! Most likely.

So whatever happened to the last SEB Podcast?

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You may recall that a few weeks ago I announced that ***Dave and I would be doing another SEB Podcast. You may also be wondering why it has never shown up on SEB. The answer is life. Life is why it hasn’t happened.

See, ***Dave found out he was going to be busy the weekend were originally planned to do it so we delayed it by a week. When then next planned date arrived I woke with one helluva migraine and forgot all about doing the podcast while I laid around and tried very hard to dull the pain. After that ***Dave was out of town for a couple of weekends and after that we both just kinda forgot about it. Plus ***Dave has been sick recently so I decided not to bug him about it.

We had every intention of doing it, but life got in the way. We’ll eventually get around to it at some point I’m sure, but I thought I should mention why it is AWOL. That and someone actually wrote me an email asking about it.

It’s time for yet another Stupid Evil Podcast.

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It’s been a few of months since the last time ***Dave and I got together and rambled on semi-coherently and so that itch is looking to be scratched once again. And, as always, we’re asking you to provide us with any topics you’d like to hear us pontificate on.

Got a burning question on religion, politics, life, the universe, and/or everything you would love to hear us talk about? Leave a comment here or drop me an email with what it is. It can be almost anything as there are few things we’re not ready to chat about even if we’re completely unqualified to offer any opinions on it. That makes us just as fine of pundits as any of the talking heads on FOX News.

So loosen up those typing muscles and start tapping out your suggestions/questions and we’ll work on staying off tangents (yeah, right) and then ***Dave and I will sit down and record it all for posterity (you’re welcome future generations to come) this Sunday.

Nothing like the smell of an autumnal SEB podcast.

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Fall arrives tomorrow and with it comes the need to do yet another Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast. ***Dave and I have managed to coordinate a time this Saturday to record another rambling session of tangent taking, but as always we need your help!

Topics! We need your topics! What do you want to hear two middle aged white nerdy guys talk about for an hour (or more)? Need relationship advice? Want our political insights?  We’re up for questions on just about anything no matter how ill qualified we happen to be to answer them. We can’t promise you the secrets to the ultimate questions of life, the Universe, and everything, but we’ll at least try to be funny when we make shit up.

So take a moment to drop a comment on this entry or send me an email with whatever you’re just dying to hear us address.

My Google Reader stats.

Saw this over at ***Dave Does the Blog and figured it would make for an interesting comparison. According to Google Reader’s trends page I waste a lot of time on Google Reader:

From your 399 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 23,287 items, clicked 321 items, starred 32 items, shared 2,053 items, and emailed 0 items.

I have 44 more subscriptions than what Dave has, I’ve read 18,901 more items than he has, starred 24 items less than he has, shared 1,271 more items than he has, and emailed 2 items less than he has. Isn’t that fascinating?

And I wonder where all the time goes.

The fourth SEB Podcast is now available!

A pic of a microphone.

Blah blah blah...

Yes it’s another adventure in ADD discussions as ***Dave and I spend two hours intending to talk about one thing and wandering so far off topic that we needed a GPS to get back on track!I was really excited about this one as I felt like we had plenty to talk about this time out and boy did we. The range covered is wide and wandering as is our wont.

This time out we touch on the topics of Tipping (as in for a service, not cows) , Dr. Laura’s N-word rant and the subsequent squashing of her First Amendment rights, the N-word the C-word and the R-word, Sarah Palin’s defense of Dr. Laura and hypocrisy on the Right in general, the first ever SEB Weather Forecast for Denver and Detroit, Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be A Dick” talk and the on-going discussion in the atheist/skeptic blogosphere on how we should promote skepticism, dickishness in general and how everything we’ve talked about up to that point ties into the whole “don’t be a dick” discussion, how I’m occasionally an asshole, the South Carolina gas pump story, how ***Dave is irrational about his belief in God but that’s OK, and so very much more.

I honestly think that this is the best podcast we’ve done so far as even with as far-ranging as we manage to be we still ended up tying it all together in the end. At times it even sounds like we actually know what we’re doing. I even managed to find a bit of appropriate music for the opening!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as ***Dave and I enjoy recording it. As always you can either play it using the Flash player in this entry or you can download it by clicking here. Please feel free to leave your thoughts/criticisms in the comments.

Edited to add: I thought I should mention that this episode contains more than the usual amount of swearing given the nature of some of what we’re discussing. So you should probably consider it Not Safe For Work unless you work alone or are self-employed.


Almost time for the fourth SEB Podcast!

A pic of a microphone.

Blah blah blah...

If the third time is the charm then the fourth must be absolutely dashing, right? Perhaps not, but that isn’t stopping ***Dave and I from continuing to blather endlessly on topics we have no business commenting on.

Of course that means its now time for a little audience participation! YAY!

Got a topic you want us to touch on however pathetically we are able to do so? Been itching to ask one or both of us a deeply personal/philosophical/intellectual question? Just want to see how easy it is to make us sound like we don’t have a clue what the hell we’re doing?

Then leave a comment on this thread or drop me an email and make use of your First Amendment right before it’s taken away from you by special interests upset that you’re fond of spewing the N-word eleventy-billion times on national radio.

Wait, that was “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger. What the hell, she can ask us questions too if she wants. Perhaps she’d like us to explain how the First Amendment really works. Though I am sure you folks have MUCH more interesting and/or entertaining topics you’d like to pose so don’t be shy!

Second episode of SEB Podcast is in the planning stages.

***Dave and I are getting ready for our second SEB podcast with plans to possibly record it as early as tomorrow evening. So I am once again putting out the call for topics you’d like to hear us pontificate upon (or avoid pontificating upon depending on how far over our heads they happen to be). Any subject is welcome including any you may have suggested the first time around that we never got to.

We had a great time recording the first one even though we didn’t have a clue what we were doing and we promise to continue enjoying our incompetence this time out as well. Hopefully that will make for at least mildly entertaining listening for you guys. So drop me a note or leave a comment on this thread on what you’d like our supposedly expert opinions on.

The SEB Podcast is finally happening.

So the long-planned and consistently procrastinated SEB Podcast is going to happen this Saturday thanks to the very responsible ***Dave who’s been pestering me that we should actually do what we said we would do. This will be our first attempt and I fully expect it to be… interesting. Yeah, interesting is a good, positive sounding word. I just hope it’s interesting for the right reasons.

Here’s the thing: As most of you who follow both SEB and ***Dave Does the Blog already know, outside of him being a theist and me an atheist, we have more in common than not. My concern is that we’re going to ask each other questions about topical items and we’re going to agree with each other so much that the entire podcast will be similar to this:

Me: I think Pat Robertson is stone-cold crazy.

***Dave: I agree completely. And I think the Teabaggers are a wee bit deluded.

Me: I totally agree.

Which is going to make for a fairly boring podcast. So I’m opening this up for you guys to participate. Got a topic you’d like to hear us pontificate on? A question burning a hole in your brain? A query you’re curious if we can help you with? Leave it in the comments or alternatively drop me an email or drop ***Dave an email if you prefer. Topics can be anything you want – politics, religion, technology, pop culture – and we’ll do our damnedest to talk about them in an amusing manner.

Yes, I know I’ve made this plea previously only to have it go nowhere, but we’re really going to do it this time barring the world coming to an end. Remember, this is our first try at this and neither one of us has done it before. Which, if nothing else, should add an air of unintentional comedy to the proceedings.