“Spore” creature creator is out. Penis monsters are on the rampage.

You just knew this sort of thing would happen. The Spore Creature Creator program has been out only a day or so and already there’s plenty of folks developing overly phallic monsters. Monsters such as the following aptly named “Spore Penis Monster.” Note that this could be considered NSFW:

According to the fine folks over at Kotaku.com:

Proud members of the Spore creature creating community have risen to the cock-filled occasion, crafting dozens of new lifeforms, all based around having huge schlongs. A quick search of YouTube submissions for “spore penis” returns about 150 videos, revealing discoveries like the Penisman, the Penizaur, the Peenisaurus, the Penis Goblin and the brilliantly named Penis Creature #1029438.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I find it mildly amusing, but I do have to wonder how EA plans to deal with the inevitable outcry that’s going to occur when some 10-year-old playing Spore lands his creature’s space craft on the home planet of the Penizaur right about the time a parent walks by the computer and asks what the hell they’re playing. Someone’s going to claim that their precious snowflake has been irreparably harmed by seeing vaguely phallic video game characters and try to sue before too long. Keep in mind that you’ll also be able to design vehicles and buildings in the game as well so you’ll most likely have Penismobiles and PenisTown to deal with.

This is an issue that confronts any game that allows player created input. It’s going to be an issue for LittleBigPlanet when it hits as well as a number of other games that are coming down the pike. I love the growing trend of games that allow you to produce your own custom content and I don’t necessarily have a problem with people who want to make some of that content edgy or naughty in nature, but it does raise some thorny issues on how to keep those folks from pissing off the folks who would find it offensive. Especially considering that there will always be griefers who will go out of their way to try and inflict such content on others for no reason other than to piss them off.