The problem with video blogging…

… is figuring out what to video blog about.

So I now have a RCA Small Wonder digital camcorder and a new Hercules webcam for the express purpose of trying a little video blogging. You’ll note I’ve had both for some time now without producing anything and that’s because I’ve had an epiphany. Namely that I’m boring as hell when it comes to video blogging. I’m also not as well spoken when I actually speak as I am when I’m writing. I’ve also discovered that uploading to YouTube takes freakin’ forever. And I’m not sure I want to use YouTube over some of the other offerings out there. And I need to come up with something to put behind me at my computer desk so there isn’t just a bunch of random stuff behind me when I’m on video. And I still don’t have anything worth video blogging about. Hell, I’m having a hard time coming up with stuff to blog about the old fashioned way that don’t feel like me repeating the same thing for the hundredth thousandth time.

So I’m opening myself up to suggestions. The RCA Small Wonder is basically a webcam hooked up to flash memory so I can take it anywhere to do my recordings. The webcam has better sound quality, but limits me to my desk. Let me know what you think I should do with them and I’ll see if I can’t do some of them. Also let me know where you’d think a good place to host them would be. Preferably something that allows embedding a flash player into entries ala YouTube.