Welcome to 2008.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Here’s hoping this one will be a big improvement over the last one in so many ways. If nothing else it’s the last year of the Bush Administration and that’s reason enough alone to feel optimistic about it.

Personally I’d like to thank all of you folks who stop by here on a regular basis and help to make SEB the community that it is. I’ve learned so much from having you guys leave comments or drop me an email pointing me towards new knowledge and fun things to write about. You make the effort very worthwhile. I never thought I’d still be at this six years later and I’m still humbled by the breadth and depth of the folks who drop by everyday.

My family and I still aren’t quite back on our feet since that first layoff over two years ago now, but I have a good feeling about the new year and I think this time next year will find us in a much better place. Good or bad you can bet I’ll be here shooting my mouth off about it as the days pass.