I’ve updated the About SEB page with a commenting policy.

unbearable_consequencesI’ve noticed a rash of drive-by commenters who are using obviously fake email addresses in their comments either because they’re worried about me selling their email to a third party (I’ve never done so and never will) or because they don’t want to receive notifications when their stupid comment gets a reply.

The most recent example comes from a new comment on the Myth of Horus thread by someone calling themselves PRMM. He or she decided to use an email address of notice “at” newsrap.com which looks to me like it’s a general contact address for a commercial website. A website, as it turns out, which is defunct. If you’re too much of a pussy to use an email address that you actually own in the comments you leave here then I’m just going to trash them and you’ll have wasted your time. I’m not going to have SEB sending notifications to random email addresses of people or websites that didn’t leave the comment. If you don’t want to get notifications then don’t check the boxes opting in to them and you won’t get them.

I don’t have a lot of rules regarding leaving comments on SEB. Using a valid email address is one of those few rules. Certainly not using general contact emails for websites you have nothing to do with counts among them.

Just a quick note for folks considering leaving comments…

If you’re so paranoid that you’re going to make your name “a” and your email address “a@a.com” then don’t bother leaving a comment cause I’m just gonna trash it like I just did with the last person who tried it. And every person who’s tried it before you.

I don’t have a lot of rules when it comes to commenting and I’m sure more than a few people use fake email addresses when leaving comments, but the above irritates the hell out of me. It makes sock puppeting way too easy.

Besides that, why should I give a shit about anything you might have to say if you’re too big of a pussy to even pretend to leave valid info?

What would you guys think about trying the IntenseDebate comment system?

My recent change to the comment quicktag toolbar has brought about quite a bit of discussion about issues some folks are having with commenting here at SEB. For example, the comment editing plugin I’m using doesn’t work well for everyone who tries to use it.

As it turns out, the folks who develop WordPress also offer a complete commenting system replacement called IntenseDebate which I’ve been mulling over. It would essentially replace the built-in comment system and offer a boatload of features not the least of which would include editable comments, reply by email (something which folks already try to do and it only goes to me), threaded comments (WP will do this natively but I’ve not turned it on yet), email notifications (making three plugins I could yank from the install), logins using OpenID, the ability to tweet your comment, Facebook connect (allowing folks to participate from within Facebook), and several more. Plus your account would be good on any blog that’s also using Intense Debate.

Of course, it is an external service so if they have server trouble our comment system would be down until they’re back up and running. My biggest concern is that I like having the comments in my database, but it turns out it’s a two-way sync. Any comments left using the system are duplicated in my database so if we changed our minds and I uninstalled it we don’t lose anything in doing so. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work. It would even still allow guest commenting for folks who don’t want to register an account with them or don’t have a OpenID.

I’ve not used it myself as I don’t have many blogs that use it that I’ve ever bothered to comment on, but some of you may have and I’d especially like to hear from you. Either way, leave a comment and speak your mind on whether we should give it a go. It looks like it could kill several birds with one stone, but it’s not without its potential downside.

Update: Apparently I have used IntenseDebate on other people’s blogs as I’ve already got an account with them listing a whole three comments. Don’t remember enough of the experience to know if I thought it was OK or not.