Judge them by their actions: CO state Rep. kicks news photograher.

Colorado Republican Douglas Bruce is a friggin’ dick. First he gets all pissy about the swearing in ceremony he’s supposed to have to fill a vacant seat in the Colorado House of Representatives and then, during the actual ceremony, he hauls off and kicks a news photographer taking pics of the event:

Carrying a family Bible, Bruce went to the House floor Monday morning as a guest of Rep. Kent Lambert, a fellow Colorado Springs Republican.

When Rocky Mountain News photographer Javier Manzano took his photo during the traditional morning prayer, Bruce, who was standing, brought the sole of his shoe down hard on the photographer’s bent knee. A CBS4 News videographer saw Bruce make a kicking motion, but didn’t see the actual contact.

“Don’t do that again,” Bruce told Manzano.

Naturally being such an upstanding Christian sort who follows Jesus’ teaching to “turn the other cheek” Rep. Bruce later apologized for being a dick to the news photographer personally, right?

Ha ha! Don’t be so clueless.

Later, Bruce refused to apologize.

“I think that’s the most offensive thing I’ve seen a photographer do in 21 years,” he said. “If people are going to cause a disruption during a public prayer, they should be called for it. He owes an apology to the House and the public.”

“I’m glad that he maybe, finally, I hoped learned a lesson,” Bruce continued. “That he should not disrupt a public prayer of the House.”

I’m sure Jesus would consider such public displays of piety just as important and would have soundly thrashed that newsman for having the audacity of taking pictures during such an auspicious event. ‘Cause Jesus was all about laying the smack down ya know!

Don’t be a dick, Bruce!