Atheist bus ads in Detroit vandalized by tolerant, upstanding religious folks.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an entry about the atheist bus ads making their way to Detroit. I mentioned in the title that the Christians in the area were “freaking the fuck out.” A description that at least one commenter in that thread took issue with:

John writes:

So what? I’m an atheist. I’m also not one who attempts to make excuses for my beliefs – just as Christians should not for theirs. They aren’t “freaking the fuck out” from what I can tell from the protests. It seems most want to abstain from riding the train that displays a message on it that they disagree with ; which is fine. It’s what I do by avoiding walking in to places of worship because I don’t wish to hear whatever messages I disagree with.

You’re right, John. It was wrong of me to characterize the folks leaving angry comments on the news article as “freaking the fuck out.”

Though perhaps this qualifies:

(Detroit, March 15, 2010) Vandals defaced or tore off part of the wording on at least three of the Detroit area bus ads that read “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” In each of the three currently known instances, it was the word “Don’t” that was targeted.

The vandalized signs are among the baker’s dozen of King and Queen sized ads first placed on the outsides of Detroit SMART buses on March 4 by the Detroit Area Coalition of Reason (Detroit CoR). The ads were paid for by the United Coalition of Reason (United CoR), headquartered in Washington DC.

“Acts like this give a striking reminder that our message is necessary,” said Ruthe Milan, coordinator of Detroit CoR. “Without a doubt, prejudice against atheists and agnostics is still very real in American life.”

Yes, there’s nothing like vandalizing messages you don’t agree with to demonstrate Jesus’ love and teachings of tolerance. A rather innocuous message reaching out to other atheists is just the sort of thing that would’ve prompted Jesus into trying to rip them off the sides of the buses. Heaven forbid us atheists associate freely and openly! Next thing you know we’ll be meeting with the President and expressing our opinions on things!

Oh, wait…