Michigan-based Christian terrorist group raided by the FBI.

So we had a bit of excitement here in Michigan over the weekend thanks to the FBI taking down a Christian terrorist group that was plotting to kill a cop and then bomb his funeral in hopes of starting an uprising that would overthrow the government:

Seven men and one woman believed to be part of the Michigan-based Hutaree were arrested over the weekend in raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The ninth suspect was arrested Monday night after a search in rural southern Michigan.

FBI agents moved quickly against Hutaree because its members were planning an attack sometime in April, prosecutors said. Authorities seized guns in the raids but would not say whether they found explosives.

The arrests have dealt “a severe blow to a dangerous organization that today stands accused of conspiring to levy war against the United States,” Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Apparently these yahoos have been running around in Michigan’s rural woods pretending to be literal Christian Soldiers since 2008. Like all good religious nutcases they even have their own website where you can learn more and watch a YouTube video of them simulating hunting down the Antichrist in a forest. What these nine idiots were planning is nothing short of a terrorist attack in Jesus’ name, because that’s how he would’ve handled things.

The sad part is that when you see their mugshots they look like a perfect cliche of FOX News watching redneck assholes:
Hutaree Christian Militia Members

Hey, that guy second from the bottom left looks kinda familiar. No, that can’t be me. I’ve never had the shaving skills to managed a half-way decent looking goatee. Besides, I’m still sitting here typing so that also rules me out.

As I’ve said before, a lot of hillbillies came north to work in the automotive industry and I can only assume that years of working on the assembly line absorbing all the various semi-toxic chemicals involved in car production is to blame for them going crazy on religious fervor after they’ve been laid off for awhile. Surely it couldn’t be an irresponsible “news” channel that acts as the unofficial propaganda wing of the Republican party and which promotes pundits who have a tenuous grasp of reality as though they were prophets, right?

What’s even more amazing is that instead of calling these terrorists what they are — terrorists — there are already a number of Right wing bloggers stepping up to defend these idiots:

Glenn Reynolds smells a politically-motivated conspiracy.


So does American Power.

Hey, is the administration taking after Christian militias to get in good with CAIR and the neo-communist left?

Dan Riehl finds something about the terrorists to praise.

Just three days ago, members of the group were assisting LE in a rescue search. Must be some really evil people there, what?

Classical Values sees nothing illegal going on.

Last time I looked, wanting to start a civil war (insane as it is) was not a crime.

You can hear echoes of “black helicopters” and “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco” in Confederate Yankee’s lament.

I question the wisdom of using such heavy forces (including armored vehicles and helicopters according to witness reports), when light, fast and quiet raids would have been at least as effective. More than the timing, I question the leadership.

And Roy Edroso flagged this reader’s comment at NRO.

We have to take a stand against creeping totalitarianism. I’ll take the risk that the regime will somehow get the NRO donation list and use it to round up the freedom-loving counterrevolutionaries.

You’d think these pundits would be clamoring for them to be shipped off to Gitmo and water boarded repeatedly what with how well it supposedly works on Islamic terrorists. The fact that these are Christian terrorists and stereotypical fans of FOX News wouldn’t have anything to do with the lack of calls for harsh interrogation methods, would it? Why that would be callously hypocritical and no Republican would engage in blatant hypocrisy.

You can bet your sweet ass on one thing though. The revelation of this extremist right-wing militia group will not get Republicans to admit that the report on right wing extremism put out by the Homeland Security department last year, which they had a fucking fit over, was in any way valid. Sure, they’ll happily paint every liberal as being a Communist clone of Stalin, but don’t you dare suggest that these nutcases are anything but an aberration among their mass of moral purity.