Carl Sagan in “A Glorious Dawn.”

Here’s an interesting musical experiment featuring Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking by a fellow who goes by the name melodysheep:

Yeah I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately and that’s because most of the things I wanted to share have been videos. Hopefully I’ll find something to write about soon.

Found over at forgetomori.

Michael Marantz tribute to Carl Sagan “EARTH: The Pale Blue Dot”

What do you get when you combine one of Carl Sagan’s fantastic speeches with some awesomely beautiful time-lapse video of our planet? A surprisingly moving three minutes and eleven seconds:

I miss Carl Sagan and his ability to turn science into more than just facts and figures. He had an incredible ability to make science something we could relate to and be awed by even if we didn’t understand the actual science itself. In 1996 he wrote a commencement speech on the Pale Blue Dot that is equally as thought provoking. For those of you who’ve never heard it, here it is as recited by Sagan himself:

We could really use another Sagan these days.

Both clips found via Geeks are Sexy.