Annoying union bumper sticker of the day.

I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of unions despite having grown up in south eastern Michigan where unions are plentiful and ever present. One of the big ones, of course, is the UAW and it’s impossible to work for any of the Big Three and not be exposed to tons of pro-union bumper stickers. Some of them are more annoying than others, but the sort of slogan that tends to get my dander up most often is the faux patriotism type that equates supporting union with being a True American™. One common sticker you’ll see often among UAW members is “Real Americans Buy American”. Today I saw one on the back of truck that annoyed the shit out of me. It read “Please keep my flag off your foreign car.” and had a little American flag on the left side of it.

I was irked by it. I own a Pontiac Grand Prix, which is technically an American car despite the fact that major chunks of it are manufactured in plants outside of the U.S., so my immediate impulse was both silly and impractical. I wanted to go out and buy that Honda Civic I’ve been looking at lately and then pay someone to do a custom paint job that would wrap the whole thing in one giant image of the U.S. flag and then I’d drive it right in front of that asshat and do the speed limit just to piss him off.

For the record, the Grand Prix I own is a Sixth Generation model (ended in 2003, mine is a 2000) and was assembled in Kansas City, Kansas, but the Seventh Generation, which is the current and last production run (2008 is rumored to be the GP’s final year on the market), is assembled in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada making it a foreign car as far as I’m concerned. I believe the engine in my model was built in Brazil and various other chunks came from all over the world. Meanwhile the Eighth Generation Honda Civic is assembled in a number of countries not the least significant of which is the United States in East Liberty, Ohio.

SEB Quote of the Moment.

Browsing this thread on the IIDB forums on people’s favorite atheist slogan/bumper stickers I came across a really good one:

    “I’ve never seen faith move mountains, but I’ve seen what it can do to skyscrapers.”

A couple of other ones I liked included:

  1. “Jesus loves the little children, but not as much as your priest.”
  2. “It’s been 2000 years. He’s not coming back. Get over it.”
  3. Many people would rather die than think; indeed, most do. (Bertrand Russell)