In memory of Bill Owen.

I was digging through old photos to scan in for Throwback Thursday when I was reminded that my best friend, Bill Owen, was killed 12 years ago yesterday. It’s been three years since I last posted a memorial to him so I thought I was past due for taking a moment to remember a man who I’d known for over 20 years and who was like a brother to me. There are still things that will bring him to mind from time to time like a movie trailer for something the two of us would’ve been excited to see or a new video game I know he would’ve loved to play. Every now and then I still dream about him. He stuck with me through thick and thin and never hesitated to tell me when I was being an asshole. I will miss him for the rest of my life.

This is the photo that reminded me of this sad event. It’s from one of my daughter’s birthday parties in the mid-1990’s. He’s sitting with his then wife, whose name I don’t recall how to spell properly so I’m not going to try. He’s happy and that’s a great way to remember him.

Bill Owen

In memory of friends who have passed.

In memory of William Vesper Owen IV. 6/15/67 to 2/17/03

It’s been nine years since the day my best friend died. The pain has faded in that time, but isn’t gone completely. The past several years I’ve even managed to forget the anniversary. My last post like this was in 2009. I’m not sure what jogged my memory today, perhaps it was a trailer for a movie I would’ve seen with Bill, or perhaps a video game we probably would’ve played together. Hard to say what it was, but I thought I should post something marking the occasion seeing as I’ve not done so in awhile. I won’t go into long reminiscences about Bill as I’ve said all that can be said about that in the past. I just wanted to say that I miss him greatly.

Give your best friend a hug if you haven’t in awhile. You never know when they’ll be gone.

In memory of friends fallen.

William Vesper Owen IV
In memory of William Vesper Owen IV.
6/15/67 to 2/17/03

It has been six years since my best friend was killed by a glorified meter maid with delusions of grandeur. It doesn’t feel like six years. The wound left by this loss has long since scarred over, but it remains tender. Time has healed me enough that I missed putting up a memorial post for the past couple of years, the last one was in 2006, but the pain is still fresh enough that thinking about it causes my eyes to well up all over again. Which is probably why I try not to think about it for very long anymore. I managed to remember to post on his birthdays until 2007, though, only missing last year’s date. In a little over four months Bill would be turning 42 if he had lived.

I still have the small photo gallery I put together back when it first happened. There’s only a dozen or so photos in it. I keep meaning to dig through old photos and see if there’s any more I can put up. One of my regrets is that I’d known Bill since high school and yet didn’t have a lot of pictures of him and I together. Countless hours spent playing pen and paper RPGs, watching movies, hanging out at the mall, playing video games, and just generally spending time together and it rarely occurred to me to pull out a camera. Wish I had now.

Got someone in your life you cherish? Now would be a good time to pull out that expensive digital camera you bought and take a snap. Or just use that crappy one on your cell phone. Or one of the disposable cameras you bought at the dollar store. If you can then make sure you get in the shot as well. When they ask what the occasion is tell them there isn’t one. Just felt like a good time to preserve the moment. To freeze real life at a spot in time that has no special significance other than you happened to be together and had a camera on hand. Some day someone will appreciate that you took the effort.

The asshat who hit him, Argon “Gary” Seiko, was charged with manslaughter. Because he had no prior record he was sentenced to two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. It’s been four years since his probation was lifted. He appears to have kept himself out of the news since then.

Happy 40th birthday Bill.

In memory of William Owen IV

If he hadn’t been killed by an idiot who thought he was a police officer then today Bill would’ve hit the big 40 and I’d be teasing him mercilessly about how he’s two months older than I am.

It’s been four years since he passed away and time has dulled the pain of losing my best friend just as it always does. I even managed to forget to put up a post in February on the anniversary of his death. I’m still deciding on if that’s a good or a bad thing.

He is missed very much not just by me, but all his friends and family. You can see some photos of Bill in the SEB photo gallery.