On washer pumps, new beds, and other random notes.

So the windshield washer fluid pump on my 2000 Grand Prix has given up the ghost right as we’re heading into the season where I’d be using it the most. I’m debating on whether or not to try and save a few bucks by replacing it myself, but I have no idea what one even looks like let alone where it would be situated or how hard it would be to get to. I’ve paid someone else to replace one before so I know it’s not cheap to have someone else do it. I need to do some Google searches and see if I can find anything online that talks about it. Or if any of you have any experience and can leave a comment about it, that’d help too.

And as long as I’m talking about things I don’t have a clue about I may as well mention that Anne and I are thinking of financing ourselves a new bed and mattress set. The Queen mattresses we’re using now are ones I bought back in my mid-20’s from Sears when I discovered that sleeping on a water bed was what was causing my backaches. I never did get a proper bed frame for them and they’re in pretty rough shape these days. Trouble is I have no idea what I should be looking for in the way of manufacturer or firmness in a new set and I’m going to have to finance the purchase either way. The two big furniture retailers in Michigan are Art Van and Gardner White and I haven’t a clue which is the better company for deals and not getting screwed. Ideally we’d like a King set, but the jump in price over a Queen set is enough to make one pause and consider if we can get a much better mattress for less money if we stuck to a Queen sized bed. I really wish I had had the presence of mind to ask the folks at the Cherry Street Bed and Breakfast in Frankenmuth where Anne and I spent our honeymoon what mattresses they were using as that is still the best nights rest I’ve had since I gave up the waterbed (the waterbed used to be the best sleep experience until my back started bothering me). So any advice you folks have on mattress shopping for someone who has a bad back and regularly wakes up sore would also be appreciated.

Lastly it looks like my job is sending me back out to the Milford location on Monday so not only will I be closer to home, but I’ll also likely have access to a terminal on a more regular basis which means my posting on SEB may go back up in frequency soon. They’ve actually got stuff for us to do now so it probably won’t be at the level it was previously, but at least more frequently than it is now.