Christian YouTuber rants on atheists before committing murder-suicide.

This one happened close to home for me. Anthony Powell was a prolific YouTuber known for his misogyny and ant-atheist rants. He attended Henry Ford Community College and last Friday—ironically Good Friday no less—he posted his last YouTube rant before heading to school armed with a shotgun. There he tracked down Asia McGowan, a fellow student whom he had apparently attempted to strike up a relationship with previously, and proceeded to kill her before turning the shotgun on himself:

DEARBORN, Mich.— The man police said is accused of a murder-suicide at Henry Ford Community College left a videotape message on YouTube shortly before the crimes.

Anthony Powell suffered from chronic depression. His mother, Doris Powell said she thought her son would kill himself.

“I’m really thinking about killing myself. I think I am going to do it. I’m just scared.” Powell stated on YouTube.

[…] Police said they got a call about 12:30 p.m. on a report of an assault. En route, they got another report of shots being fired at the college’s MacKenzie fine arts center.

When police arrived, they found theater student Asia McGowan, 20, and Anthony Powell, 28, dead.

Police said Powell used a shotgun to shoot McGowan and himself.

Local 4 has learned the two students had a theater class together.

Reports are that Powell suffered from depression for many years and it doesn’t take many of his videos to see the man was unbalanced. Near as anyone can tell Powell’s religious fanaticism had less to do with his chosen target than his obsession with Asia McGowan. Still watching some of his YouTube clips it’s amazing that he didn’t target an atheist. Here’s a compilation of some of his rants by Think Atheist:

It occurs to me, given the thread DOF started on why Christians are considered the bad guys by some of us, that this is a prime example for consideration.